The Ultimate Guide to Answering Services in 2020

In 2020, customers judge businesses not just by the services they provide, but by the connections they form. As a society, we’re not just more plugged in. We’re also more tuned in to the way companies treat us when we reach out with a question, concern, or complaint. Increasingly, customers are reaching out to companies […]

Should Answering Service Prices Affect Your Business Decisions?  

Answering service companies save businesses both, time and money. By delegating a service you would otherwise have to especially hire, train, and remunerate an employee for, you are enabling your resources to stay focused. Instead of juggling between answering calls and relaying messages, they now get to utilize their key skills to their optimum potential. […]

How HIPAA Compliant Is Your Medical Answering Service?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is designed to securely protect the confidentiality of patient data. It is mandatory for not just healthcare professionals but also related service providers to undergo training on protecting patient rights and adhering to HIPAA regulations. If not, they are likely to be entangled in legal complications. HIPAA violations […]

5 Misconceptions Related to Call Answering Services for Small Businesses

For many small business owners, using call answering services is like an extravagance. There are several misconceptions related to telephone answering services that prevent small businesses to get the real picture. Here are some common misconceptions related to telephone answering services. There Is No Need For A Phone Answering Service Almost every business is customer […]

Reasons You Didn’t Get Desired Business via Call Handling

When running a law office, call handling is an essential task. You should be prepared at all times to answer the calls from your clients in efficient and professional manner. Any mistake on the phone can end up losing a potential client and revenues. Therefore, you should know about the mistakes to be avoided when […]

Perks of Hiring a Business Phone Answering Service for a Car Dealership

Managing customers calls can be the toughest aspect of running a car dealership. It becomes difficult to stay connected and engaged with the customers throughout the day, especially during the peak seasons. Any missed call can result in a loss of opportunity to get more business and find new clients in the long run. Hence, […]

How an Answering Service Boosts Customer Services in a Restaurant?

In a restaurant business, there are a lot of things to be managed by the owners. The main problem relates to the demand in this business. You need to put 100% efforts when you are serving the customers, creating the meals, booking the reservations on the phone, and cooking up delectable food. Multitasking can sometimes […]

Avoiding the Common Mistakes in After Hour Medical Answering Service

For a medical facility, selecting the right professional answering service company is crucial to the success of your practice. You should ask yourelf the following questions: What will be the level of service? Will the services remain available during the after-hours? Do they follow the best practices for call handling? In this business, patient care […]

Three Essential Reasons Why Your Business Should be Disaster Ready

No one knows when a natural disaster can strike. As a business owner, you will not be able to track when and how a typhoon, blizzard, or hurricane can affect your enterprise. However, it is possible to minimize the damages and losses that you get. If you have a proper plan and necessary live answer […]

Why You Should Consider an Answering Service for Your Electrician Business

Electricians are by nature the DIY type, which is what makes them so good at their job. Part of that, whether you are a single electrician or a small electrical contractor, is handling your own business calls. What you may not realize is that outsourcing your telephone services can seriously benefit your business in a […]

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