A medical answering service: the perfect antidote to doctors’ stress

Doctors are busy people. Not only do they work long hours tending to people’s aches and pains, but they also have to be available after-hours for emergency call outs.

Taking on people’s health issues is no small feat; however, Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.’s medical answering service takes away all the stress associated with keeping up with high call volumes and 24-hour access.

Using an answering service in your medical offices is the smart choice. It’s the optimal way to manage your resources, when every aspect of your job is critical. Whether you are part of a group practice, or you’re working as a private individual, it’s crucial that each call is a priority. Hiring full-time office staff to deal with calls is an unnecessary expense; it’s much more economical to hire customer service professionals that you can make use of as the need arises. What’s more, you’ll no longer have to worry about who will answer the phone on Christmas day, and all the other holidays, when nobody wants to work.

Trained staff

Confidentiality is a priority when dealing with medical issues; therefore, it’s imperative that any answering service that you choose is well aware of adhering to the principles of the Hippocratic Oath when taking messages and speaking to your patients. Our agents are HIPAA certified and our processes are HIPAA compliant.  At Sunshine Communication Services, our 40 years of experience has equipped with the expertise to train our staff to be consummate professionals, always.

Emergency dispatch

Our call center agents are also trained to screen calls to distinguish between emergency and routine inquiries. Any billing, appointment and general information inquiries are redirected or sent to you via email, text, fax or voicemail; doctors are notified of emergencies immediately and emergency vehicles are dispatched, if necessary.

Customers are used to being mistreated, ignored and sacrificed for the almighty dollar. People would rather do business with a considerate company that provides one-on-one service, than a heartless firm. Sunshine Communication Services has been in the business of supplying the best professional answering service since 1975. We know an answering service is only as good as its front line and our well trained customer service representatives are subsequently the best in the business.

We ensure our communication specialists enhance your company’s reputation and always meet your customers’ expectations.

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