Why Should Your Medical Answering Service be HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA Compliant

Why Should Your Medical Answering Service be HIPAA Compliant?

Medical practices are extremely dependent on one complicated and fragile social currency: Trust. Patient trust is inherently what makes or breaks any medical office. You have no doubt stringently worked to ensure that you and your employees always maintain that trust and comply with the relevant laws. But now you’re looking for an answering service or virtual receptionist and you’re worried about your patient’s information being handled by outsiders. This is where HIPAA compliance comes in.

As you are no doubt aware, the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the legislation that ensures that people’s Protected Health Information (PHI) is kept confidential and secure and control health care industry administrative costs. This law and your compliance to it is the driving force behind a patient’s trust in a health care industry office. But prospective answering services may not have the same training or adhere to the same regulations as your employees do. An off-site answering service would also be storing and transferring PHI digitally. If they do not follow the same HIPAA regulations, your medical office may be subject to severe penalties, fines, and criminal charges. As such, verifying any virtual answering services HIPAA compliance is absolutely crucial, allowing you and your patients to sleep easy knowing that their PHI is safe and secure.

Ensuring that your office and its outsourced services are HIPAA compliant also makes other potential business associates much more willing to work with you, as they know that your operations are entirely above board. Using an experienced and reputable HIPAA compliant virtual answering service company such as Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., also goes a long way to establishing trust and confidence in your medical office.

If you are looking for a virtual answering service or virtual receptionist that is HIPAA compliant and will handle your patient’s sensitive and private information in the same secure and professional manner as your own employees, don’t hesitate to contact us at Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. We can tailor-make a communications services package that suits your needs, providing you with the highly-trained, HIPAA compliant and completely professional virtual answering service that will foster trust and help your medical practice grow.

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