Reasons You Didn’t Get Desired Business via Call Handling

When running a law office, call handling is an essential task. You should be prepared at all times to answer the calls from your clients in efficient and professional manner. Any mistake on the phone can end up losing a potential client and revenues. Therefore, you should know about the mistakes to be avoided when handling the calls in a legal office. They include:

1. You Shouldn’t Be Unfriendly and Impolite:

Mostly, people in a law office are stressed due to work overload. When a call comes at a bad time, it may be answered in an impolite or insensitive tone. This can immediately turn away the caller from your business. Despite your capabilities as a lawyer, clients won’t prefer dealing with you if you or your staff sounds to be rude over the phone. This is where you need a trained call operator working with your lawyer answering service. These agents are well-trained in legal practices and customer service. They will answer the call in a polite and courteous tone to take messages on your behalf.

2. Spending Too Much Time on the Phone:

When running a legal office, you can’t afford to get stuck on the phone for long hours. It is a waste of your valuable time that should be spent on practicing your skills. There are some calls that do not necessarily need a lot of your time. These trivial issues can be handled easily by your call handling representatives. Here you need professional answering services to prioritize the calls and direct the important ones to your desk.

3. Failing to Provide Warm Call Transfers:

In the lawyer answering service business, warm call transfer refers to the method in which a receptionist collects caller’s information, put them on hold, provide information to the lawyer, and finally transfer the call to the lawyer. It requires a proper plan and professional approach to performing this function. A lack of preparation in this regard can create a negative and unprofessional image of your business. Sometimes, the callers end up repeating all the information they had already shared with the receptionist. Hence, you should talk to your answering service provider to prepare an action plan for call transfers.

4. Following an Inappropriate Intake Process:

If attending the call from a new customer, you have to perform a seamless legal intake. This process is important to collect the personal details and case information from the caller. During this process, the caller should feel confident about your abilities and it ensures that a lawyer is prepared with proper information before meeting the client. You can’t afford a handling disaster in this process. So, prepare an intake checklist to be shared with your answering service to handle the calls from new clients.

These are some reasons that may be failing your call handling efforts.

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