5 Misconceptions Related to Call Answering Services for Small Businesses

For many small business owners, using call answering services is like an extravagance. There are several misconceptions related to telephone answering services that prevent small businesses to get the real picture. Here are some common misconceptions related to telephone answering services.

  • There Is No Need For A Phone Answering Service

Almost every business is customer oriented and communication plays an important role in building brand image and earning customer loyalty. Today, businesses operating in different industry verticals use telephone answering services to build strong customer relations. Some of the businesses that use telephone answering services are HVAC companies, plumbing businesses, electrician businesses, doctors, property managers, and many more. If your business involves “high-touch” client environment, you probably need a telephone answering service.

  • Your Company Cannot Afford A Phone Answering Service

The truth is you cannot afford to not have a phone answering service. We live in a 24×7 live economy where customers can call anytime and not necessarily in your office hours. They might feel the need to call you for various reasons like getting more information about your product; lodge a complaint about your product, or any other reason. Today’s customers expect 24×7 availability of customer service. If you do not focus on this aspect, you are more likely to lose your customers to competitors who are already using telephone answering service. Missing a customer call is like losing a business opportunity that you cannot afford.

  • You Don’t Understand What’s Going On

Regardless of which telephone answering service you choose, you will always be kept in the loop about the types of calls your company is receiving and resolutions provided to the customer. In fact, though the customer communication is managed by the telephone answering company, you are in full control of what answers should be given to different customer queries. You can access details of all calls received and listen to the recorded conversations to get an idea of what is happening and how your customers are cared for.

  • Your Customers Don’t Want To Talk To Telephone Answering Service

The fact is your customers want to speak to a live person and not leave a message in voice mail or talk to an IVRS. It does not matter whether they are talking to your staff or a customer service agent of telephone answering service until they get answers for their queries. Besides, the CSR mentions your company name in the interaction which gives customers a feeling they are talking to your company representatives only.

  • Lack Of Knowledge Of Your Industry

The CSR working at telephone answering services are trained to deal with common queries related to your business. In most cases, the CSR is well trained and knowledgeable to answer most of the customer queries, register complaints, or book appointments. If needed the CSR can always connect the customer to any department in your company for more complex queries.

Thus, you can see call answering services can be of great help for small businesses to improve customer relationships and tap new business opportunities.

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