Answering Services in Okanagan, WA

Answering Services in Okanagan, WA

Okanogan is a town in northern Washington. It has a small population of approximately 2500 as per the 2010 census. The name Okanogan is derived from Syilx’tsn meaning “rendezvous” or “meeting place”.

Running a business of any size and building a good reputation relies heavily on delivering great customer service. However, if you are struggling with high call volumes or are otherwise unable to answer the phone, customer services can be difficult to maintain. A company such as Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. that offers answering services in Okanogan, WA, provides the perfect solution for any company looking to manage and organize their customer communication.

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. We Offer the Following Answering Services in Okanagan, WA:

Our answering services give you the peace of mind that even when you can’t pick up the phone your customers will be taken care of by trained call center agents.

Our virtual receptionist can handle all the usual receptionist duties including switchboard and appointments, at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house staff.

Our answering services save you time and money, increasing your productivity while ensuring that your customers’ needs are met.

We provide you with your own phone number and HIPAA accredited agents who are trained to answer questions about your business and industry.

Smaller businesses may not have the finances to hire additional staff. Our answering services give you the professional edge while still being affordable for small businesses.

If you have both English and Spanish speaking clients, you can rest assured that their language needs will be met by our bilingual call center operators.

Our call centers are open 24/7/365, so your customers can always make contact, even outside of your normal operating hours.

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. in Okanagan, WA:

Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. For Your Answering Services in Okanagan, WA

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. we go beyond offering mere answering services to provide a full customer service solution. Our call center agents are always professional: they are HIPAA accredited and provided with additional industry-specific training. You receive your own phone number and can customize a call answering plan to suit your business needs. We organize your calls and messages and direct information back to you via your choice of email, text, fax or telephone with urgent messages being prioritized.

If you want to find out more about our telephone answering services in Okanagan, WA, contact us at Sunshine Communication Inc. today.

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