Funeral Home Answering service

When people contact a funeral home, they are generally in a stage of grief. They need support and guidance about one of the most difficult things to process emotionally – death. Whether the deceased was living with a terminal illness or passed away from an untimely death, the passing can still be a shock to the psyche.

Funeral home directors and office staff usually have their hands full with arrangements pertaining to flower bookings, consultations with priests, ordering coffins and caskets etc., but they need to be available to answer all of the questions that a client has about the funeral they are arranging. A Funeral Home answering service can help free up time by screening calls to ensure that funeral directors and other members of the staff are only contacted if truly necessary. The answering team will be able to kindly and supportively redirect calls, send information that is required and forward the enquiries to the relevant people promptly.

Experienced people will be manning the phone lines

Sunshine Communication Services Inc. is well aware of the sensitivity involved in dealing with people who are contacting a funeral home. The team of customer service representatives are well trained and they are trained to respect clients’ privacy, their needs and to be very aware of the pain and confusion that the client is going through at the moment.

Individualised Funeral Home Answering Service

The call center operators at Sunshine Communication Services Inc. have a very important but simple role to play in your business: they answer calls when you can’t. We understand that each and every business has their own way of dealing with clients and you have specific information that needs to be passed along to the people who are calling you. We can become a partner to your business to make sure that this is all handled effectively.

One of the major benefits of partnering with Sunshine Communication Services is that we can provide a round-the-clock service. Whether you need someone answering your phones during the day and night or on holidays and weekends, we can create a tailored solution to fill all the phone answering gaps that exist in your business.

When people contact funeral homes, they can feel short-changed by the responses they get. They may feel ignored or as if the person answering their questions isn’t really sensitive about the pain they are going through. Make sure that your clients are being treated with consideration, respect and efficiency that reflects the core values of your business.

Our company has been providing the best professional answering service since 1975. Our call center operators are the best in the business and our goal is to enhance your funeral home’s reputation. Contact us for more information on our Funeral Home Answering Service today.

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