Virtual Answering Service

There are never enough hours in the day, and days in the year to get everything done and to do it well. At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., we believe that maintaining an excellent level of customer service is imperative, and often, it’s the first thing to suffer when demands become greater than resources. That’s why we provide businesses with virtual answering services that ensure that, even when you don’t have time to answer calls and connect with your clients, they are never neglected. We answer calls every single day of the year, without fail. What it means is that you never miss a client.

Why use a virtual answering service?

Virtual office phone services are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to run professional organisations without the costs associated with hiring full-time office staff. A virtual answering service does not require time off for vacations, big holidays such as Christmas, and sick leave; nor does it require bonuses and medical coverage. Making use of virtual answering agents is substantially more economical than conventional office support.

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.’ virtual answering services free up your time so that you can run your business, while we answer your calls. We make sure that your customers can always make contact with you, which makes them feel valued and heard, which in turn boosts your business, and your reputation.

Our USA-based virtual answering service provide both companies and individuals with superior, 24-hour support; one-on-one, personalized attention; and digital recording of all calls for your future reference. Once a call is taken, the information is then sent on to you via text, email, or fax.

One of the main reasons to make use of a virtual answering service is that first impressions usually linger. A professional voice at the end of your line gives clients a great first experience with your business, whereas missing calls and queries because you’re just too busy to answer makes you appear sloppy and unprofessional.

Whatever your reason for using virtual answering services, Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. can custom-design a solution to suit your business.


Call us for a customized Answering Service Solution, designed based on your requirements.

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