What Is the Time Availability of Your Live Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is becoming a necessity for small businesses. There is a misconception among people that virtual receptionist services are automated technology for answering phone calls. However, this isn’t the truth. These services are managed by real receptionists who are well-trained in providing a high level of telephone etiquette and communication skills. With their 24/7 virtual presence, they represent your business in a friendly way. However, you need to assess the time coverage offered by a service provider. Here’s how:

Handling the Calls During Day Breaks:

There are many times in a day when the in-house staff may need to take a break. For example, during the lunchtime, there may not be anyone to answer the calls made by your customers. However, a live virtual receptionist service remains available at all times including lunch and day breaks.

Proficient Phone Answering During Business Hours:

Sometimes, you may not have a full-time employee to answer phone calls during normal business hours. Regardless of your opening hours, you need consistent availability of answering personnel to handle inquiries, product or service orders and booking appointments for your customers. For all these tasks, you can rely on a live answering service managed by experienced professionals.

Answering the After-Hours Calls:

There can be times when your customers call your office after closing time. It may frustrate your customers when their phone lines are diverted to automated voicemails. You need a robust presence even during after-hours including 3rd shifts, weekends, and late nights. This is where a live virtual receptionist service can prove effective. These expert call handlers are always there to answer calls made by your existing or prospective customers.

Phone Answering During the Holidays:

The holidays are the time when you need the minimum stress. An effective handling of phone calls on the holidays can be a breather for a stressed schedule. Whatever be the holiday, these experts remain available 24/7 to answer the queries of your customers. It relieves your staff to enjoy their holidays because they are backed by an efficient virtual receptionist.

Answering the Telephone On-Demand:

There may be instances when you need virtual receptionist services for some specific time periods. For example, if you are planning a business luncheon out of your office, you need not worry about answering the phone calls. A virtual receptionist will efficiently cover it. You can specify your phone answering needs and get their services customized accordingly.

When you need 24/7 coverage throughout the year, you need to look for a reliable service provider having a well-trained staff. They have an affordable pricing system that ensures higher savings when compared to hiring someone on the payroll for call answering. While choosing a service provider, inquire about their time availability to leverage their skills.

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