Property management: Change your life with an answering service

If you’re a property manager, then you’re probably well aware that there’s never a dull day in the property industry. From after-hours emergency maintenance calls, to levy and rental queries from tenants on weekends and holidays, it’s an industry that never sleeps. Unfortunately, as human beings we do need to sleep, that’s why you need an answering service to answer the calls when you, or your staff, simply can’t. Sunshine Communication Services can put together an answering service solution to suit your business and ensure that you never miss a call.

What we do

With our over 40 years’ experience, Sunshine Communication Services has developed a complete package to offer a superior answering service to the property management industry. We know what is required, and that it is absolutely vital to have a 24-hour emergency dispatch service available to tenants, every single day of the year.

Our qualified call center agents are experienced in screening calls to determine what is and is not an emergency, quickly and efficiently. We have all the protocols in place to seamlessly deal with issues as soon as they arise. What’s more, we can custom create a protocol that suits your company’s unique needs and aligns with your brand and ethos, ensuring that your customers are satisfied and your reputation is always intact.

What are the benefits for your property management company?

The best and most-loved benefit of employing an answering service is the money it saves your company. It’s the most cost-effective way to expand your reach and increase your profits, without having to hire extra staff and pay for benefits, sick leave and vacation time. You only pay for the calls we answer and you decide the hours that we work.

If you own several property management offices, we seamlessly expand our service to centrally manage your entire portfolio.

We also digitally record all interactions so that you always have access to information you may require and can deal with any liability issues that arise.

Sunshine Communication Services has been in the business of supplying the best professional answering service since 1975. We know an answering service is only as good as its front line and our customer service representatives are subsequently the best in the business.

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