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Pennsylvania, or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as it is officially known, can be found in the Northern and Mid-Atlantic areas in the US. The state is divided by the Appalachian Mountains which run through it.

Pennsylvania’s economy is booming. It is said that if the state were instead an independent country, it would rank 18th largest globally. That’s exceptional, and you know what that means for business: small business start-ups have a real chance of success in the area. When it comes to languages spoken in Pennsylvania, English is 90% dominant, followed by 4% Spanish speaking. Other minority languages include German, Chinese and Italian.

At Sunshine Communication Services Inc, we have developed a range of telephone answering services designed to help businesses succeed in this state. Our telephone answering services are designed to help growing businesses keep up with their incoming questions and to do so in the preferred language of the customers. Our call center agents are bilingual and provide answering services in English and Spanish.At Sunshine Communication Services Inc, in Pennsylvania, we offer the following business telephone answering services:

  • 24-hour Telephone Answering Services – always keep in touch with your clients. Our bilingual agents will generate leads, arrange emergency dispatch, book and confirm appointments and a whole lot more. Whether you need telephone answering services during peak hours or after-hours, we can assist.  
  • Virtual Telephone Receptionist – leaving your customers to encounter a voice recording when they phone you is putting your business at risk of losing out on potentially big sales. Our virtual telephone receptionist will handle all the general telephone receptionist duties of a full-time employee. It’s a 24-hour service and designed to help you keep in touch, even when you are busy with other tasks.
  • Virtual Answering Services – in Pennsylvania, it’s all about customer service as the market is competitive. If you are unable to cater to the needs of your customer, but still want to, we can assist.  Our virtual answering services will make sure that someone is there for your customers when you can’t be. Best of all – it will boost your company image.  
  • Outsourced Answering Services – don’t neglect your incoming calls, simply outsource who answers them. There’s nothing wrong with being busy, but it can negatively impact on your bottom line if you can’t answer your phone calls.  Our telephone answering agents will help your clients, with bookings, information, orders, and more.
  • Small Business Phone Services – being overloaded with things to do can put your business in a bad position. Neglecting your ringing phones will cast a negative light on your business and before you know it, you can start losing income. With small business phone services designed by us, you can meet the needs of your customers, answer each call and still pay less than hiring a full-time employee.
  • Bilingual Answering Services – providing your clients with communication in their own language will truly take your customer service to the next level. All our agents are bilingual which means that your clients will be assisted in English and Spanish.  
  • After hours answering services – why sell for 8 hours per day when you can sell for 24? Our after-hours service provides you with the perfect opportunity to boost sales and impress customers with prompt around-the-clock responses.

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. in Pennsylvania

At Sunshine Communication Inc, we provide professional business telephone answering services to many businesses including the following:


Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. for Your Business Answering Services in Pennsylvania

Why choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., in Pennsylvania, to provide you with business telephone answering services? We strongly believe that we have a valuable service to offer you:

  • we will ensure that you are provided with a dedicated business number to use
  • we will ensure that our agents brush up on their knowledge of your business, products and services
  • we will provide a 24 hour service and/or bilingual service based on your requirements
  • we will forward monthly reports including call details
  • we will custom design a solution based on your business needs and budget

All of our agents are HIPAA certified so you know that they have studied customer services thoroughly. After each day, we will send you a breakdown of the calls and requests received.

Why should you choose us? Because we can do it all!

For more information and advice on our telephone answering services in Pennsylvania, contact us at Sunshine Communication Inc today.

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