Small Business Phone Answering Service

Running a small business can be extremely stressful and demanding; often, due to a lack of resources, one person has to do the job of 10 people. Sadly, it means that when things are busy, calls are not answered. It also means that you lose potential customers to your competitors who do answer their phones and you risk losing your current customers who eventually lose faith in your service. Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. ANSWERING SERVICE FOR small business is the answer to your call volume prayers.

If you run a small business, you most likely have to go to meetings, attend conferences, visit your warehouse, go to court, see patients, basically, do your job. The question is who is answering your phone when you’re not in your office? Not all small businesses have the necessary funds to hire receptionists and front-office staff. Our small business phone answering services provide an affordable solution in the form of virtual office staff and call center agents who answer calls 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. You choose the hours that we work, which means no extra payments towards overtime and sick leave. You benefit even when your business is closed; with our answering services you’re generating possible leads and indirectly “earning” money, after hours.

How can an answering service benefit your business?
  • It provides consistent service and brand adherence

Our answering service agents guide callers through the pre-designed protocols, following a script approved by you. Our well-trained agents ensure that your business’ reputation is always upheld.

  • It makes you seem legitimate

An answering service, especially for a small business, helps customers develop a sense of trust in your business. It also makes you appear bigger, and to some people, better.

  • It gives your customers personal attention

Using an answering machine to pick up calls that you can’t can seem unprofessional and impersonal. People want a personal connection and they want to speak to real human beings.

  • It gives you a digital recording of all conversations

Most small businesses don’t have access to legal advice and representation; a digital record of all calls ensures that you always have proof of what transpires in the event that a dispute should arise.


Call us for a customized Answering Service Solution, designed based on your requirements.

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