3 advantages of an after-hours answering service for your Fresno, California business

In the thriving and vibrant city of Fresno, California it might seem as if businesses never sleep! If you have been wondering how to put your business on the map in the Fresno, California area, perhaps it’s time to think about keeping your business open and available to potential clients 24 hours a day. How do you do that? One of the first steps that businesses take is to register for an after-hours or 24 hour answering service. By making your business available at all times, you can truly look after the needs of your business and with the right professional answering service; it’s about more than just having a voice at the other end of the line, taking messages. It’s about providing your clients with a thorough and helpful service – and with modern telephone answering services or live virtual receptionist services, that’s completely possible.

Below are our top 3 advantages of putting an after-hours answering service in place for the benefit of your Fresno, California business:

• Your business telephones will be answered during peak and off-peak times. This is particularly helpful if you deal with overseas clients who are in a different time zone and need to get in touch with you after hours.
• Your telephone lines will be managed by a live receptionist, which means that your customers won’t be faced with leaving a voice message when trying to get through to you. Most businesses lose the interest of their clients if they have to deal with an automated system.
• Your customers will feel better looked after if they can conveniently reach your business and gain access to useful information after hours, when they aren’t at work or dealing with family responsibilities. A customer that feels well looked after and catered to is a loyal customer.

Sunshine Communication Services offers professional 24-hour afterhours answering services in Fresno, California

At Sunshine Communication Services, we offer professional after-hours answering services and live 24 hour receptionist services to Fresno, California businesses. If you want to boost your businesses support and provide your customers with a service that will impress, we are just the team to assist. You will find that our rates are affordable and each of our receptionists highly trained and skilled in dealing with customers and providing them with relevant and necessary information. We offer both an English and Spanish answering service and look forward to consulting with you regarding your needs and requirements. If you would like to try out our services, feel free to make use of our free trial.

If you would like to learn more about our professional telephone answering service or want to get pricing, contact us at Sunshine Communication Services Inc. via email or telephone today.

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