If you want to make use of Sunshine Communication Services Inc., there are a few FAQ’s that will help you better understand our services. That way you can rest assured that all your needs are taken care of.

General FAQ’s about answering services

An answering service is a business that receives and answers telephone calls for its clients.If you are missing customer calls or want to appear more professional as a business, you need an answering service.Do research and search the internet for the best and professional answering service that will suit your individual needs.Office assistants may need to take days off or have unforeseen emergencies, leaving your calls unanswered.Any type of business or service provider can make use of an answering service.A doctor’s answering service is a professional speaking virtual receptionist that knows the medical industry and terminology.A medical answering service works as virtual receptionists for your doctor’s office and takes those calls 24/7 and can set-up appointments with patients and clients.Better customer care, better quality control over calls, and better work-flow.A voicemail is a recorded message that does not assist you with the problem you might have. An answering service offers live assistance and messages to the person the message needs to reach.A virtual answering service is an outsourced answering service that utilizes virtual receptionists.A telephone answering service is a business service that answers its clients’ telephone calls and conveys messages to the clients.An automated answering service is a business that answers telephone calls and takes messages automatically for the people and businesses that hire it, a service provider that is employed.A telephone answering service will help your business grow to its full potential.A specialty answering service is a 24/7 live telephone answering service that combines all business communications with skilled virtual receptionists.If you are unable to take calls or do not have the capital to employ a receptionist, you can make use of an answering service.Since you will be on the road most of the time, you will not be able to answer calls and might miss the call of a potential buyer.A telephone answering service serves specific market segments while a call center deals with a large cross-section of relatively large businesses.

Pricing, Contract and Billing FAQs about Sunshine Communication Services Inc.

We charge for agent work time.There are no hidden fees.You will receive a monthly bill, either by regular mail or email.You will be billed every 28 days.You will be billed per line item on each invoice.No, there are no hidden fees.We bill per minute.Yes, you can upgrade at any time as you please.No, you will not be charged.No, there is no contract and set-up fee to be paid.We have a 30-day cancellation notice agreement.Our minimum contract period is monthly for 60 days.

General FAQs about Sunshine Communication Services Inc.

We make use of a call forwarding service.You can start making use of our service after one business day.No, you will only have one account for all the locations you have businesses at.Yes, you may advertise the number we assign to your account.Yes, we can transfer calls directly to you.Yes, you can change your email address and text number.Yes, we do offer customized accounts.We are located in Coral Gables, Florida, 33134.No, you do not require specific equipment to make use of our answering services.Yes, we do offer 24/7 live answering of calls.Yes, you can forward your existing office line or cell phone line to us.We have been in the answering services business for 40 years.Yes, our local office is based in the US.Yes, you can still make use of our services if you do not have a physical office location.Yes, you will receive your own dedicated telephone number.Yes, we are fully licensed and HIPPA complaint.Yes, we will be able to pronounce your name correctly.The information we take will be customized to suit your individual needs.Yes, you can forward your cell phone to our answering service.Yes, you can listen to calls online.Yes, you can get messages when traveling overseas.Yes, privacy is very important and your client’s information will always stay protected.

FAQ’s about the quality and training of agents at Sunshine Communication Services Inc.

Your calls will always be answered by a live agent.Your callers will always be answered by a live operator.Yes, the same agents are always going to answer your calls.You will be given a service level report to view.Yes, all our calls are recorded.No, your callers will not know that we are an answering service.We answer the call by using the name of your company.Yes, you receive both emails and text notifications.We answer calls at about an average speed of 12-14 seconds.The operator will receive a customized screen pop with all company information and protocols.We have been in the business for 40 years and will always provide a professional service.You can provide us with a customized script to ensure we capture all the relevant information.

FAQ’s about systems, reports and procedures at Sunshine Communication Services Inc.

Our systems are extremely reliable.Yes, you can track your calls.Yes, you can have a report that shows all your calls and messages.You receive messages instantly.You can get your messages via email, text or fax.Yes, you can have different instructions and messages for different staff members.We handle emergency calls very easily and efficiently.Yes, you can test the answering service before signing up.The script is customized to suit your individual needs.You can make changes as needed to the script.Yes, we have backup generators in place in case of software failures.We make use of generators when a power failure ensures.We provide service level reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

FAQ’s about customer support services at Sunshine Communication Services Inc.

We have a team of dedicated customer service rep individuals that will be able to assist you.For more information, do not hesitate to give us a call and we will assist you with all your answering service needs!

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