What do you get from call center services?

Call center services differ slightly from regular telephone answering services. At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., our call center applications are much more involved in product sales and call center agents require more in-depth scripts and training. Whatever your business needs, we have the solution; we take calls dealing with anything from orders and reservations, to credit card processing and dealer locations – we handle it all.

These are the call center services we offer:

Order fulfilment services/order taking

We provide full product fulfilment outsource solutions. Order fulfilment is made up of two components: Firstly, we receive the inbound call and process the order; then we hand over the pick, pack and ship stage to a third party. We also offer our clients both secure and non-secure warehouse and inventory storage space.

Message taking/web order taking service

Our call center agents take messages on your behalf and then send the information on to you via email, text, or fax.

Companies that require an order service make use of our web order-taking service. Your website comes up on the call center agent’s screen, whenever your phone number is dialled, which ensures you never have to endure a caller-overflow crisis, which subsequently frees your site up to handle more traffic.

Dealer locater

This is an aspect of our answering service that advises clients on where they can find the closest dealer for a particular product. A location database is loaded onto call center agents’ software and they are then able to match callers with their nearest dealer, based on their zip code. This feature also enables us to gather marketing and demographic information.


Our reservation services include managing reservations for events, galas, seminars, restaurants, etc. This means that attendees can make their reservations any time of the day or night. We collate all the necessary information, including the time, date and payment details. We also book and confirm appointments for doctors, attorneys, plumbers, real estate agents, and many more service providers.

Credit card processing

Our systems are designed to process credit card payments; do batch authorizations and settlements, and automatically transfer money into your account. Reports are generated daily and emailed of faxed to you according to your preference.

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