Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting Answering Service Company for Your Real Estate Business

Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting Answering Service Company for Your Real Estate Business

It is important for any business enterprise to build customer relationships along with adding value. Client engagement is an important driver for long-term business success and sustenance. After-sales service is as important after making product or service sales. Companies hire employees, especially to answer customer grievances and complaints on a real-time basis. This function can also be outsourced to customer service agencies, which specialize in frontend customer management.

Need for Answering Services for Real Estate Industry:

The real estate industry is a key industry wherein customer relations are vital for business. Indeed, these relationships ultimately foster the client-agent interactions and also influence the ultimate buying decision. Imagine a customer who has had a bad experience with a real estate developer in the initial stage of interactions- where he has not been given adequate attention, or his questions have not been answered to his satisfaction. Would this buyer even consider buying from this developer? The answer would be a definite ‘no’.

This is where answering service companies come to the rescue. The specialists in providing answering services provide 24-hour live support systems, after hour services, customized answering services, and voicemail assisted support. Some companies also provide multilingual support through the support staff that are trained in various languages. Answering service companies provide efficient services to their clients. They effectively reduce the burden that companies face in keeping a track of inbound calls, emails, and messages from existing and potential clients.

Here are some of the pitfalls that must be avoided before choosing answering service companies for your real estate business:

1. Not Having Past Experience: Don’t choose a service company that has limited or negligible experience in dealing in the real estate industry. As the industry is specialized and governed by external legal and regulatory frameworks, it is important to have a specialized and competent answering service provider.

2. Limited Period Service Provision: The real estate business receives more inquiries and calls in non-office hours and on holidays. This is the period wherein families and individuals decide to spend time in the home/ plot search. The answering service provider must be available to receive inquiries 24/7 in this industry.

3. Lack of Data Management Ability: Enquiries could be of a repetitive nature due to the nature of the real estate industry. Every potential buyer starts with an inquiry call to know more about the developer, and the project, to get an insight on the price range and the quality of construction, reputation of the builder etc. Answering service companies must have an acute sense of database management to efficiently handle clients on a real-time basis.

The real estate industry is driven by goodwill and strong public relations. Choosing a competent and efficient answering service company to handle customer service management can derive a lot of business for real estate developers.

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