If you are in need of a doctor at a late hour, it is reassuring to know that your doctor makes use of a doctor answering service.

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing the best physician answering service. As a doctor, you respond to the calls you receive and if you are unable to take calls or you do not have someone to take calls on your behalf, you will be losing business. By making use of a professional doctor answering service, you can effectively help more people and save more lives without wasting time unnecessarily.

Sunshine Communication Services Inc. offers a wide variety of beneficial answering services for doctors which includes:

  • Doctor’s appointments – Our answering services include managing appointments for doctor’s visits as well as check-ups. This means that patients can make their appointments any time of the day or night. We collate all the necessary information, including the time, date and payment details.
  • Emergency dispatch and care – Should a patient be in need of emergency care or help, our trained staff will handle the call and make sure that the proper protocol is followed in making sure that an ambulance or emergency help is dispatched to your exact location.
  • Medical knowledge – Our staff is well trained and will be able to assist you with the questions you might have and we are able to direct you to the correct medical professional by using the correct medical terms.
  • HIPAA Compliance – Our agents are HIPAA certified and our processes are HIPAA compliant.

Choose Sunshine Communication Services Inc. for your answering needs

At Sunshine Communication Services Inc. you will receive the best physicians answering services from trained professionals that are able to assist you in multiple languages. We are fully licensed and an HIPAA complaint doctor answering service, giving you the peace of mind that you are in the right hands.

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Doctors Answering Service

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