How to Choose the Right After-Hour Answering Service for Attorneys?  

Attorneys are busy professionals, carefully researching cases assigned to them and working towards favorable outcomes for their clients. Studying and gathering impactful facts to back your client’s case is very time-consuming. It needs your undivided attention leaving no scope for unnecessary distractions like attending to endless phone calls.

Hiring an after hour answering service that has a reasonable amount of experience will be the best bet for your legal practice. The below-mentioned guidelines will help you choose the right supportive partner that will meet your specific requirements:

Check their Specialty

The service provider you eventually partner with must possess considerable knowledge about your specific field and ideally should be handling similar clients. It is imperative to do thorough research on their service offerings and assess whether their standards are at par with those followed at your practice or fall short. Select one that at least meets your expectations if not, surpasses it. The answering company you hire should compliment your legal practice and be aligned with your professional goals.

Connect with their Existing Clientele

It is worth asking for professional references from the after hour answering service you intend partnering with. Make necessary inquiries from these clients pertaining to all important aspects like the answering company’s reputation, quality of services offered, availability, proactive skills, reliability, promptness, etc. The referees will also enlighten you on how they have benefitted from this facility. In case of any criticism received, investigate further to arrive at a reasonable assessment.

Assess Quality of Training Imparted

The operators who will be handling calls on your behalf must be adequately trained on relevant aspects. Only then will they be able to carry out their duties in a professional and accountable manner. These agents should have a working knowledge of the legal profession, display basic telephone etiquette of patience, empathy, and courtesy, possess problem-solving skills, respect confidentiality, and comprehend matters of urgency.

Evaluate Existing Contingency Plans

The relevant answering company must have a full proof disaster plan in place should an unforeseen eventuality arise. Before a situation of this nature presents itself, you need to evaluate the feasibility of their contingency plan, the time taken to put it into action and the preparedness of the agents in handling such circumstances. Any eventuality should not have an adverse impact on your practice. Work must carry on as usual with calls received being promptly answered, messages relayed on time and appointments accurately scheduled.

Before making a final decision, it is worth investing your time by checking the credentials of the answering company you wish to hire. As an attorney, your clients are your biggest asset. A supportive partner with a professional approach will help you garner a wider clientele and ensure the existing ones develop greater faith in your specialized capabilities.

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