Benefits of Integrating Answering Phone Service Into Your CRM

Customer Relationship Management software plays an important role in the success of a business. It doesn’t matter what your business niche is, maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer is crucial for you. CRM and the answering phone service are related to efficient customer management and their integration can bring in several benefits to the organization. Here is the list.

Better Customer Service

Businesses can improve customer service by centralizing all records and communication of customers. Integrating answering phone service into CRM makes it possible. As we know CRM focuses on the creation, development, and enhancement of customer relationships. The data from CRM can help you better understand customer’s needs. When customer calls are transferred to your sales department, your staff will be better equipped to understand the customer’s needs due to the integration of answering service with CRM. This will help in closing the deals faster.

Enhance Employee Productivity

According to experts, maintaining independent systems reduces the efficiency of the workforce. When you integrate two systems, employees don’t have to waste time checking customer details on independent systems. For example, whenever a customer calls, the staff can pull details of past customer interactions or purchase history. The information from both systems is available through one window which helps the staff to respond to the customer in a better way in lesser time.

Better Data Reporting

Data plays an important role in business processes. Integration of CRM and answering service ensures the virtual receptionist get high-quality data from CRM. With the integration of CRM and answering service, the reporting becomes more complete and you are able to get valuable insights. In simple words, you are in a better position to take business decisions. Some virtual receptionist has to manage customer interaction from multiple channels like email, chat, text messages, and social media. The integration of both systems unifies the data giving more detailed reports.

Quantifiable Call Data

Companies are required to implement constructive feedback on a regular basis. Without the integration of CRM and answering service, you won’t have access to quantifiable call data to measure KPIs. Integration of both systems gives you easy access to metrics like call rates, conversion rates, and up-selling activity. The integration provides managers and supervisors to monitor and analyze customer service representative abilities and tendencies. This data can be used for constructive feedback and training purposes.

In-Tool Call Recordings

One of the benefits of integration of CRM and answering services is in-tool call recordings. Keeping the records of conversation is important to any disputes based on customer interactions. Listening to the call recordings will also help you determine whether the customer service agents are following set protocols and procedures.

Thus, you can see the integration of CRM and answering services help you get most out of both systems.

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