Medical Answering Service, Orange County, California

Orange County is perhaps best known for its beautiful beaches and popular tourist destinations such as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. This county is the second most densely populated after San Fransisco. It is largely suburban with more defined urban areas around major cities such as Anaheim, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Orange, and Santa Ana. Although tourism thrives in Orange County, other industries such as corporate business, retail and healthcare are also significant economy drivers.

In the medical industry, you must balance consistent availability with a professional and caring telephone manner. Patients don’t like to be kept waiting.  They also don’t like rushed phone calls that make their needs seem unimportant. This is why, in a busy healthcare practice or organization, professional answering services are a must. Medical answering services in Orange County offered by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. provide the perfect solution for doctors’ offices, hospitals and other healthcare businesses that are struggling with high call volumes.

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. We Offer the Following Medical Answering Service in Orange County, California:

1. Telephone Answering Services

Neglected patient phone calls are a thing of the past, with all your calls handled by our friendly and professional call center staff.

2. Virtual Telephone Receptionist

Our virtual receptionist can perform all telephone receptionist duties such as appointments, calendars, and switchboard at a cost-effective rate.

3. Virtual Answering Services

Recorded messages may leave your patients feeling frustrated. A friendly voice at the other end of the phone will make your patients feel at ease.

4. Outsourced Answering Services

HIPAA accredited agents are at your disposal to provide your patients with excellent customer service: professionally and confidentially.

5. Small Business Phone Services

In small practices, where nursing staff often double as admin and reception, you can free up your staff to focus on more important duties with our affordable phone services.

6. Bilingual Answering Services

Whether your patients are English or Spanish speaking, you can rest assured that they will feel comfortable speaking the language of their choice.

7. After hours answering services

Emergencies can and do occur at any time of the day or night. Our 24/7 answering service includes emergency dispatch and ensures that your patients can reach you when they need to.

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. in Orange County, California:

Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. for Your Medical Answering Service in Orange County, California

As a healthcare practitioner, you need the peace of mind that your patients will receive the personal attention that they deserve when they call your office. Our HIPAA accredited agents can provide just that, along with a friendly and caring attitude. When you choose medical answering services from Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. you receive your own personal phone number. We filter and direct calls back to you via your choice of email, fax, phone or text. Urgent calls are prioritized, and we also offer emergency dispatch and 24-hour call answering services.

If you want to find out more about our medical answering services in Orange County, California, Contact us at Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. today.

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