5 Tips to Select the Best Answering Service Company For Your Electrician Business

For any small sized electrician firm or a growing electrician contractor, they need to constantly balance three things- respond to existing customers, do the work, and secure new business. But you can do only one thing at a time and doing the electrical work remains a core task. Regardless of business size, if you don’t have enough staff, you can hire an answering service company to respond to your customers. Here are 5 tips to select the best phone answering service provider for your electrician business.


Confidentiality and privacy are two important aspects of business communication. The interaction between your company, clients, and customers are sacred. Customers show their trust in your electrician business when they call you with their requirements and needs. You need to look for phone answering services whose agents have signed non-disclosure of confidential information agreement and also follow HIPAA-compliant instructions.

Staffing and Training

You need to look for an answering service company which specifically caters to electrician contractors. Before selecting any answering service, see what industry-specific features they offer that will help in business growth. Make sure the staff is trained to answer specific queries pertaining to your electrician business. This will ensure customers calling your electrician business are taken care of and provided all the help they need.

Services and Packages

Having a variety of services available on demand is always good for your electrician business. For example, call forwarding, web access to calls, call recordings, virtual receptionist service, appointment setting are some of the features that can make your customer service efficient and help you get more business. Having an appointment setting feature will ensure the representative can fix the appointment for customer in the first call and your staff can be notified about urgent work on time.

Simple Pricing

It does not necessarily mean cheap. There is no point in selecting a phone answering service with bells and whistles if you cannot afford it. There is no standardization of prices in phone answering services and you need to consider different aspect like features, quality, and professionalism when selecting any service.


Just like any professional service, the phone answering service should be easy to set up and should be available at moment’s notice. The 24×7 availability of phone answering services is an important aspect as customers don’t follow any time-table when calling electrician business. Customers can have urgent requirements and you need to ensure the telephone answering service is available round the clock.

Communication systems are prone to problems and hence you need to look for aspects like redundant infrastructure and backup services that will ensure uninterrupted connectivity to your electrician business.

These are some of the factors that you should focus on while selecting a phone answering service. Following the tips given above will ensure that you select a company providing the best customer service to your client’s at the best possible rates.

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