5 Things That Nobody Will Tell You about Medical Answering Services

In recent times, businesses have depended solely on answering services for sustained growth. With the help of these, the performances of the industries are known to have improved by multiple folds. Healthcare industries that receive calls all through the day make the most use of these services.

Here are the 5 things that nobody will tell you about medical answering services:

Employs Secure-Messaging

Secure Text messaging in Healthcare industries is a platform employed to maintain high confidentiality of the PHI (Patient Health Information).

The difference between normal messaging and secure messaging lies in the fact that the conversations are encrypted and can only be read by the intended recipient.

The platform enables the sharing of sensitive matters related to the patients, like bills, appointments, and schedules without the fear of losing the data to third-parties.

The Answering services serve as an intermediate, help gather data and share them, in a safer platform with restricted access. This invariably helps increase productivity.

Round the Clock Services

There’s a false belief that answering services assist you only during business hours.

The business in healthcare industries is known to be the most unpredictable since one can’t predict the status of his/her health. There are calls coming in all through the day, until long after the business hours. At times like these, this feature – After-hours answering services – saves your day.

With trained agents being present to aid the customers through calls, business is never lost. Enabling the after-hours answering services helps retain your existing customers and extend your network further.

HIPAA Certification

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is designed to securely protect the confidentiality of patient data. It is mandatory for not just healthcare professionals but also related service providers to undergo training on protecting patient rights and adhering to HIPAA regulations. HIPAA violations can prove costly for your entity.

Strengthens Customer Relationship

The most important factor that determines the development of the healthcare industry is the trust the patients have on them.

With trained agents who help build customer relationships, the industries appear to be more accessible and approachable.

If not for secure messaging, the exchange between the medical office answering services including the patient calls/finances, have a great risk of being accessed by a third-party. Through secure messaging, the patient is assured that his PHI is protected and, respected.

Medical Answering Services Represent You

Answering services, when hired, become the primary point of contact for your stakeholders. They represent you. They represent your business. Invariably, their performance is linked to your industry’s growth.

This industry thrives on information. It is, therefore, very important that the Medical answering services you hire are the best in the market. Do your research before hiring a company for this job.

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