How 24 Hour Answering Services Benefit The HVAC Industry

How 24 Hour Answering Services Benefit The HVAC Industry

What is your superpower?

To maintain a safe and productive work environment, those in the HVAC industry need to be available at all times – kind of like superheroes. Temperatures at work are a health and safety issue.

Captain Cold

Over exposure to cold can limit the blood supply to the body’s extremities in order to keep the core body warm. This can increase the risk of chilblains, Raynaud’s disease, white finger, frostbite and permanent damage to the areas affected. Fatigue follows because the body uses up energy to keep warm. There is also an increased risk of accidents due to numb fingers, obstruction by protective clothing, and slipping on ice. Long periods of extreme cold can lead to hypothermia, loss of consciousness, and eventually coma and death.


Too much heat can make us feel tired and lethargic, cause muscle cramps, and place extra strain on the heart and lungs. Drowsiness and loss of concentration can also increase the risk of accidents. Heat exhaustion can occur after being exposed to heat for a prolonged period of time. Symptoms include: very hot skin that feels flushed, heavy sweating, dizziness, extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting, a rapid heartbeat, confusion, and urinating less often and much darker than usual. If not treated by cooling and rehydration, it can lead to heatstroke.

Distress call

Don’t miss receiving an important telephone call. A 24 hour answering service is the perfect solution for gaining and retaining customers. No matter what the time of day or night, our professional answering service will screen and process your incoming call. Using Sunshine Communication Services Inc. is a cost-effective way for your customers and prospects to get in touch with you – and far more reliable than a bat-signal!

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