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An answering service is only as good as its customer service representatives. When you hire an answering service, the service staff is directly responsible for communicating with your customers and can have a significant impact on your company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. There are 5 questions that can help you find an answering service that is right for your company. Evaluating the company’s call etiquette will ensure you pick the service provider that gives the best customer service and provides the services your company can benefit from. With every question start with asking, does the representative…

1. Show customer friendly behavior?

Though all the interactions with customers take place over the phone, smiling is still a helpful way to give a welcoming impression to the customer. When a representative smiles, their tome lightens up, the inflection in their voice is more perky and inviting. Another way to show customer friendly behavior is by placing the caller on hold in a polite manner. Letting the customer know where they will be transferred to and how long the hold will be makes the customer feel they aren’t being ignored.

2. Listen to customers?

Representatives should listen carefully to customers and pay close attention to their requirements. They should seldom ask for repetition of information as this can annoy the caller. Professional representatives also let the customers know how attentively they have been listening to them, by repeating the main points to the caller.

3. Have clear and professional speech?

Representatives should speak clearly and fluently, so customers can understand what is being said. Additionally, they should give clear and unambiguous solutions to problems of the customers. They should never use slang or colloquial language while in conversation with the customer. Such manner could leave a bad impression with the customer, hindering your business’ reputation.

4. Settle all issues?

Before ending the phone conversation, customer service representatives should cover all aspects of the customers’ query. Professional representatives take down notes during the call to meet this requirement. Important information must be repeated to enable customers to understand it. The representative should thank the customer for calling and ask if there is anything else they could help them with before terminating the call. Hanging up the phone in haste while the client is still speaking can have severe negative effect on your customers’ satisfaction.

5. Get an A?

Before you decide to hire the answering service you should do a practice call. Find out if the representative can cover all the basics. Evaluate your emotions during the call and remember customers will feel the same if not more intensely. This will ultimately make the decision for you.

These questions will help you find the right answering service that will give your customers the service you would. Don’t be afraid to ask to see testimonials or demonstrations. Whatever makes you feel comfortable will also make your customers feel comfortable.


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