What is Sunshine Communications?

We provide companies and individuals bilingual answering services for their outsourcing needs that require a professional phone presence.

What kind of experience does Sunshine Communications have?

Since 1975, Sunshine Communication Services has been providing 24 hour live telephone answering services. Our staff has extensive experience in brochure fulfillment, vitamin and herbal products, pre-paid phone, card customer service, gift catalogs, seminar registration employee pre-screening, credit pre-screening, and video sales. We are also an active member of the Association for Telemessaging Services International (ATSI), Tascom Users Group (TUG), and Professional Inbound Network (PIN).

What are the kinds of services Sunshine provides?

We provide a professional phone presence for a variety of needs you or your company may need including; English/Spanish answering service, order processing, web order taking, reservations, data entry, dealer locater, customer service, third party verification, fulfillment, and credit card processing.

Do you provide services for my area?

We are able to provide service for most areas in the United States, serving major cities and small towns. To be sure we can serve your area call toll free at 800-444-1011.

How much is it to hire you to be my answering service?

Though we love that you want to choose us your answering service provider, we are unable to give “ballpark” figures of cost. However, we are able to give you a free quote on the cost of the services needed for you or your business by telephone or email. Contact us at 800-444-1011 or visit http://www.sunshine1.com/free-trial/ to speak with our knowledgeable staff

How do I know for sure you provide quality service?

At Sunshine we let our clients do the talking. See what they have to say about our services and performance on our testimonial page. Visit http://www.sunshine1.com/about-sunshine/testimonials/.

What type of fields does Sunshine have experience working with?

Sunshine has extensive experience in the following applications: medical offices, law offices, property management and service companies. We provide quality services to a wide range of clients including UF&Shands, Pepsi, Mayo Clinic, The University of Miami and Lifestyles Realtors.

What are Sunshine bill payment methods?

We have made paying your bill more convenient and simple for our clients. You can pay your bill securely online anytime and anywhere you have internet availability

How will Sunshine provide customer service and resolve conflicts?

We train our employees on script driven customer support or product support. Your customers will be guided through first level customer support following supplied protocol. If a caller requires more assistance, the call is forwarded to the second tier support, where most issues can be resolved.

How can I get in contact with Sunshine immediately?

We provide Live Support Online so you can chat with us. We would like to work with you together on a solution that will exceed the expectations of both you and your customers.

How much Order Processing experience does Sunshine have?

We utilize the Professional Inbound software platform custom catalog order processing programs that are developed to meet the needs of each client. The program is designed to process all caller information necessary, taken by the call center agent, to fulfill the order. We have extensive experience working in applications including Brochure Fulfillment, Gift Catalogs, Credit Pre Screening and Pre Paid Phone Card Customer Service to name a few.


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