Medical Answering Service in Albany, NY

Medical Answering Service in Albany, NY

If you own a medical practice in Albany, New York, you will likely be looking for ways in which to improve the manner in which you care for your patients. Introducing medical answering services in Albany, NY. There is only one thing that Albany, NY is better known for than being home to the New York State Museum and New York State Capital, and that is the city’s outstanding medical care… and it is up to doctors, hospitals and you, with the help of Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., to keep it that way!

We Offer the Following Medical Answering Services in Albany, NY

We cater to many different types of doctors’ practices within the medical industry, including doctors’ rooms, hospitals, medical offices and hospices to name a few. We know how stressful the medical industry can be. It is our goal to help lessen that burden by handling the more important admin tasks, like answering the phone and communicating with patients and their loved ones.

Our medical answering services in Albany, NY include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Doctor’s appointments – When a patient calls in to make an appointment, our HIPAA accredited call center agents will schedule it on your behalf and notify you of the date and time.
  • Emergency dispatch and care – When a patient calls in with an emergency, our call center agents will notify you if they feel that your assistance is necessary. If the situation is particularly dire, they will also contact emergency dispatch on the patient’s behalf.

Our services are customized based on your business needs and budget and can include:

Medical Businesses that Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. Assists in Albany, NY

On the Hunt for Medical Answering Services in Buffalo, NY? Look No Further

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. strives to provide you with total peace of mind by offering medical answering services in Albany, NY, that are second to none. Our qualified, HIPAA call center agents, with the ability to communicate bilingually in both English and Spanish, are what set us apart from other companies offering similar services.

  • Our answering service agents are HIPAA accredited and our processes are HIPAA compliant
  • We provide customized training to our agents based on your business requirements and the solution provided.
  • We understand the necessity for confidentiality when dealing with medical matters and are discreet.
  • We provide an after hours service: 24x7x365
  • You receive your own dedicated local phone number
  • All messages will be forwarded to you via your choice of email, telephone, text or fax.
  • We will customize your medical answering service solution based on your business requirements and budget

For more information about our medical answering services in Albany, NY and what we can do for your medical practice, hospice or hospital, contact us today.

Medical answering service in Albany, NY

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