Make customer experience a priority for your Washington, D.C. business this New Year

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Make customer experience a priority for your Washington, D.C. business this New Year

Do you have any New Year resolutions for your Washington, D.C. business this year? With the onset of 2016, so come a myriad of New Year resolutions that we all try hard to keep. At Sunshine Communication Services Inc. we wish to help our clients achieve exceptional customer service levels through our 24 hour answering service. It is our aim to make better customer service, a business resolution that’s absolutely achievable this year!

As we have already established, making the decision to hire a 24 hour answering service will certainly boost your customer service levels considerably, but how? Here are 3 customer service improvements you can expect to notice almost instantly when opting for our business answering service:

  • Engagement on an enterprise level – it can seem near impossible to compete with big brands that are able to offer round-the-clock support and customer care. After all, you cannot expect your existing staff complement to work both day and night. With a professional telephone answering service in place, you too can offer customer care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Reduced missed opportunities – we’ve all experienced those times where we’ve lost the piece of paper we wrote a telephone number on or we’ve simply forgotten to return a call request on our voicemails. Returning a call days and even weeks after your customer has left a message will reflect poorly on your business. Call backs need to be prompt and professional (you should know what they require before you call them back). Live answering service agents will ensure that all of your messages are neatly compiled and delivered to you in easy-to-digest format.
  • Fewer abandoned calls – it’s an undeniable fact that most consumers that are faced with an automated system, or have to wait hours to reach a live operator for assistance, will abandon the call and go elsewhere. This means a potential lost sale for your business. With a live answering service, calls are answered promptly and dealt with professionally – no machines or voicemails involved.

Boost your Washington, D.C. business’ customer service levels with our call answering service

If you would like to benefit from better customer service levels, made possible with a professional call answering service – you have come to the right place.

Want to learn more about our answering service for small businesses? Request a free trial version of our services. Alternatively, get pricing or take the time to contact us at Sunshine Communication Services Inc. via email or telephone today.

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