What Does Your Legal Office Need from an Answering Service Company?

Law practices can be extremely demanding, especially when it comes to managing customer service. Many legal companies are wary of hiring answering services for the fear of misrepresentation to their existing and potential client. An efficient answering service company can become an extension of their brand to represent it rightly. Here, professionalism is a major attribute required in the service provider. It allows you to focus on your core tasks entailing the legal matters. All other client related services will be managed by the answering company. Given below are the top things that you can expect from them:

1. It Should Be Specialized:

Legal practices need accuracy in every customer-related communication. Every office specializes in a particular subject of law. Hence, the answering service provider should also hold proper knowledge of the same subject. The representatives of the company should be well-versed in your niche to understand the requirements of your client. They can ensure that the calls will be escalated to the right person if a customer calls during the after-hours.

2. It Should Induce Trust:

Every time when a customer calls your office, the representatives answering their calls should make them feel valued and well attended to. An experienced answering service provider prepares a customized script and procedure to assist the caller for a legal matter. The clients will be assured that their message will be passed to the right person. Moreover, it should invoke the trust that their phone is answered by an authorized representative.

3. It Should Offer Flexibility:

Mostly, the people call a law office for an urgency or desperation. It is essential for the service to be available promptly for understanding their issues and resolving them immediately. Therefore, you need an answering service company that offers 24/7 support throughout the year.

4. It Should Offer Bilingual Services:

Sometimes, the potential customers are frustrated if their calls are received and answered by a person who does not understand their language. Every legal office, especially in the south-west, should hire bilingual answering service to answer the calls efficiently.

5. It Should Ensure Speed and Promptness:

If a customer calls at your office and this call isn’t answered promptly, it can make a wrong impression about your services. Ideally, every call coming to your office should be answered within 1-2 rings with an average hold time of 1 minute. It will reduce the number of abandoned calls as well. Remember, a legal service may be required urgently to save your customers from potential losses. Any delay in handling their calls can harm your credibility and reputation as a competent legal service.

If you are looking to hire an answering service for your law office, ensure that the service provider offers these features readily.

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