The importance of using an answering service vs voicemail or an answering machine in your law firm

The importance of using an answering service vs voicemail or an answering machine in your law firm

Any law firm will know just how important it is to keep in touch with clients and ensure that they can keep in touch with you too. Legal matters are very often pressing / urgent and as such they need immediate attention. Clients waiting around for answers are bound to become frustrated and might even take their business elsewhere. Busy law firms often consider setting up some sort of answering service or voicemail service for their business in order to manage incoming calls better and today we’re going to have a look at how these two options compare.

Let’s take a look at the answering service vs voicemail results…

  • A telephone answering service will provide your clients with a live person to interact with whereas an answering machine or voicemail merely provides a welcome greeting and allows clients to leave a message so that one of the firm’s attorneys can call them back.
  • Telephone answering services are provided by professional individuals who are trained receptionists. They will also be able to learn more about your business and provide clients with basic information and answer questions when they call in. A voicemail service cannot provide any answers and often leaves clients feeling frustrated after making the call.
  • It is impossible for a client to know that they have reached an outsourced answering service when they call in and chat to one of the telephone answering service consultants. With a voicemail or answering machine, your client will be well aware that you aren’t available and are currently unable to assist.
  • As far as legal matters are concerned, clients can often need reassurance or answers to questions out of office hours. While your answering machine or voicemail will be able to capture a message from your client, it can be less than helpful to them. A live answering service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which means that your law firm can be available to clients when they need you most.

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. Offers Professional Answering Services for Law Firms

Don’t lose potential clients because of a communication gap or because you are in court or busy dealing with pressing matters. Make sure that your clients have a professional to talk to. Set up a live answering service with Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. and become the most efficient and professional law firm in town.

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