How Can You Minimize Expenditure on Small Business Answering Services?

How Can You Minimize Expenditure on Small Business Answering Services?

Financial planning is the toughest component to formulate in a small business. When you are looking to grow your business and compete with the leading companies in your industry, customer service can level the playing field for you. For a positive connection with your customers, you need a robust and effective small business answering service. These services are cost-effective. Yet, you can reduce your investments further by following these strategies:

Prefer Text Messaging and Email Over Phone Calls:

When call center executives contact your staff by phone, it can quickly add up to be a major expense to your business. The clock starts ticking as soon as a number is dialed by them. It can take anywhere from 1.5 to 5 minutes for answering the calls. Now, do the math. When you multiply this duration by the number of outgoing calls made in a month, it comes to be a huge figure. Hence, it is better to prefer alternate message delivery options including text messaging, fax, or email services.

Use Voicemail Greetings for Routine Calls:

There may be many routine calls received by your small business in a day. Typically, they include inquiries about the office hours, directions, price quotations, bill payment methods, etc. For all such calls, you may use a greeting play for the callers and use voicemail prescreen. This service reduces the costs of answering by a huge margin.

Configure the Software for Repeat Callers:

Some customers may be the repeat callers for your business. A reliable small business answering service can match their caller IDs and handle these calls more proficiently. Whenever these customers call your number, their complete details are automatically populated on the screen by the software. With this service, the agents simply need to confirm the information. It reduces the amount of time needed to handle the calls.

The Information Should Be Updated:

The phone numbers and call escalation procedures may become obsolete over time. The staff and instructions relevant to call handling may change. It can result in wasted calling hours. Hence, you should keep the information updated on your portal for expediting the response time. Review the information quarterly to eliminate the errors that may occur due to incorrect details. It improves the service quality and gets the maximum bang for your bucks.

Improve the Response Time:

The efficiency and cost-savings in phone answering services also rely on the responsiveness of your staff. They should respond immediately to acknowledge the calls. If the call center executives have to repeatedly call or text an on-call person, it can increase the call duration. You should make a proactive escalation protocol by checking the daily reports displaying the response time of each staff member.

It is always advisable to plan the answering services as per the determined workflow of your small business.

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