Best Practices to Hire a Professional 800-Number Answering Service

A company having an 800 phone line has a competitive edge in its industry. With this toll-free number, it becomes feasible to capture more leads and improve your customer-related communications. When this service was newly introduced, the costs of getting this number were substantially high. However, they have been reduced over time to the bare minimum levels. This one number creates your global identity and you are always available to your callers, no matter where they are. So, if you are also planning to get an 800-number answering service for your business, follow the tips given below

Manage The Call Forwarding Feature:

Typically, a toll-free number rings to a local number. But, if you forward the local calls to your answering service provider, the toll free number will also follow suit. Similarly, if your local number forwards a call when your lines are busy or calls remain unanswered, the toll-free 800 numbers will again follow the same format.

You can choose an alternate course of call forwarding in this regard. Get the calls diverted to a number assigned by your answering service provider. With this arrangement, you can manage your local number with the help of a call forwarding feature.

Manage the Routing Feature:

The toll-free number service also allows the users flexibility to get their calls diverted to different local numbers at different times of the day. This feature helps in ensuring that a 800-number answering service is accessible to your callers at all times. 

For example, you can get the calls routed to your office number during working hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday while the same calls can be routed to the office number from 9 to noon on the Saturdays. Apart from these times, the number should ring directly to your answering service.

Leverage Tracking of Advertisement:

If you run two or more ads with different phone numbers in each of them, you can use your toll-free number to measure the effectiveness of these ads. You can check their individual performances to access which one does better. It is based on the simple A/B test for which toll-free 800 numbers can be used as a basis.

Understand the Transferability of Number:

The professional answering service providers have a huge database of toll-free numbers that can be used by their clients. These providers handle a large volume of combined calls due to which they enjoy lower call rates. The same cost benefits can be transferred to you if you choose a single provider for both answering service and toll-free number.

However, the company will own the 800 numbers allotted to your business. Hence, you should ask beforehand if this number can be transferred to you or you should get an individual number for your business.

Consider these points to choose a toll-free number service.

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