Answering Services In Providence, Rhode Island

Answering Services Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island is one of the most densely populated areas in the USA even though it is one of the smallest states in the country. The official nickname of Rhode Island is “The Ocean State” because there are several large bays and inlets in the region.  Providence, the capital and most populous city of Rhode Island, founded in 1636, is one of the oldest cities in the USA.

About Our Answering Services

Communication excellence is an essential facet of business success. From marketing and sales to crisis management, how well your organization is perceived to communicate has an impact on your bottom line. Being such a significant part of your business, you cannot afford to take a chance. Choosing a reputable telephone answering service provider ensures that your prospects and clients experience professional, friendly, and efficient communication at every telephonic interface.

Designed to ensure that you customers always receive professional attention, even if you do not have the resources in-house. Remove the stress and cost of employing a full-time staff while allowing your business to operate effortlessly.

If being reachable around-the-clock is part-and-parcel of the line of work you do, using a 24/7 answering service is the solution to your interrupted sleep. From plumbing and HVAC emergencies to hospices and doctors, our agents are trained and prepared to answer and screen all your incoming midnight calls.

Having access to call agents who are fluent in both English and Spanish avoids communication breakdowns which lead to misunderstandings and rumors.

When competing with “the big boys”, it can be exhausting to keep your SME operating and growing while still being the person who answers the phone. Hiring a full-time receptionist is an exorbitant cost to the company, especially when budgeting for paid leave and medical care. Create a corporate impression and secure a professional experience for your customers with an answering service solution.

Industries We Serve

We are honored to service the following types of organizations in Providence:

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Established in 1974, Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. has over 40 years of expertise in the field. For a customized answering service solution designed especially for your requirements, contact us now.


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