Answering Services in Bakersfield, CA

Answering Services in Bakersfield, CA

With so many companies offering a similar range of products and services, it’s not surprising that being able to provide exceptional customer service is what sets one business over and above the other. First impressions count, so making sure your business stays on top begins with that initial phone call. But if you’re too busy to handle the volume of phone calls you receive, you may be creating a poor impression and possibly missing out on lucrative opportunities.

Never miss out

Using a call answering service is a great way to create a good first impression. Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. provides answering services in Bakersfield, CA to ensure that no matter how busy you are, inbound phone calls to your business always receive a professional and speedy response.

Superior call center staff

Our call center staff are the best in the industry, and we provide ongoing training to give them all the tools that they need to continue improving their skills. Our answering services in Bakersfield, CA are the most professional you will find. Because customer service extends beyond simply picking up the phone, we provide both English- and Spanish-speaking agents as well as the following range of 24 hour call answering services:

  • Peak time answering
  • Voicemail-assisted answering
  • Appointment setting/li>
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Lead generation

Customized for your business

Because every business is unique, at Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. we offer call answering tailored to your needs. Scripts can be customized to your requirements, and our agents are provided with specific details on your company to ensure that they can respond in a relevant manner that ties in with your company protocol.

To inquire about answering services in Bakersfield, CA, contact Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. today.

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