Answering Service in Saginaw, MI

Answering Service in Saginaw, MI

There has been a recent renewal of Old Town Saginaw, Michigan. Entrepreneurs are opening businesses in this historic business district on the West Side. Be part of this flourishing revival.

In the present economic climate, losing out on a business opportunity because you could not answer the telephone is inexcusable. You also cannot afford to sound frazzled or distracted when you do answer a call. First impressions are lasting after all: absolutely all interactions from the time a prospect phones your company must be gracious and proficient. A telephone answering service provider in Saginaw, Mi will be there for your customers when you cannot.

Our Answering Services

Working hard from nine to five may be adequate in your line of work. However, some industries – such as doctors, attorneys, plumbers, and property management companies – need call services for emergencies after business hours.

Customer care is everything to your clients. It all starts with a seamless customer experience when a well-informed agent answers your incoming calls in a friendly manner which exudes a professional image. While your callers are made to feel valued with the personalized attention they obtain, the details of the call are sent to you via text, email or fax so that you can focus on running your business instead of on the phone! A bonus is that you also receive a digital recording of all calls for future reference.

We are pleased to be able to deliver all the above services in both English and Spanish. This fosters enhanced customer relations, more effective communication, and fewer errors which could cut into your profitability.

Small businesses – more than any other business – struggle with high call volumes when there are simply not enough staff to answer every call. A growing business might not be able to afford extra full-time staff; however, our call answering services provide a cost-effective solution that helps you manage your calls, keep your customers happy, and project a professional image.

Some of the Industries that use our Answering Services in Saginaw, MI

As well as answering your calls and taking messages, we manage your schedules and make follow up calls.

  • Medical offices find the appointment scheduling and reminder call services especially useful.
  • HVAC companies trust telephone answering services to enable them to get the manual job done without interruption.
  • Real estate agents will always be accessible and manage their calendars.
  • Funeral homes can ensure the unobtrusiveness required in their business without missing any important calls.

Why Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.?

Since 1974, Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., has been delivering services customized to meet the requirements of your industry and your company.

Our Value Proposition to you are:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year service
  • Fully Bilingual Agents – English and Spanish
  • HIPAA Certified agents
  • Local numbers in all areas
  • Free message delivery based on your choice – Email, Text, Fax
  • Personalized Account solutions based on your business requirements and budget
  • IVR Voice Mail service
  • Scheduled phone traffic reports including all detail

When answering calls we regard your Saginaw business as our own. Contact us today for more information on our answering services in Saginaw, MI.

Answering Service in Saginaw, MI

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