Answering Service In Charleston, WV

Answering Service Charleston, WV

Charleston’s history goes back to the 18th century when capitalizing on its many resources made the city an important part of Virginia and West Virginia. As the state capital, Charleston symbolizes the meaning of Southern hospitality: “Showing graciousness, kindness, and warmth to others“. Business owners and professionals from Charleston, West Virginia value good communication as a vital aspect of business success.

About Our Answering Services

From marketing and sales to crisis control and change management, it is key that your organization is perceived to connect effectively. As such an integral measure of your business, you dare not leave it to chance. Choosing a reputable telephone answering service provider guarantees that your customers receive professional, friendly, and efficient communication with every telephone interaction.

Aimed at making sure your clients are always getting professional attention, even if you don’t have the resources. Eliminate the strain, trouble, and expense of employing staff, while still running your establishment flawlessly.

If the work you do involves being obtainable around-the-clock, using a 24/7 answering service is the solution to your exhaustion. From HVAC specialists to hospices to property managers, we have a well-trained team who are equipped to answer and screen all the calls coming in at ungodly hours.

Having access to call agents who are fluent in both English and Spanish avoids communication breakdowns which lead to misunderstandings and rumors.

As the owner of an SME, you may be finding it difficult to politely handle incoming calls while also trying to run and expand your business. Hiring additional staff is very expensive – especially as you need to budget for paid leave and medical care. An answering service generates a professional impression for you and a pleasant interaction for your callers.

Industries We Serve

We are honored to service the following types of organizations in Murfreesboro:

Why Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.?

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., was established in 1974, giving us over 40 years of expertise in the field. Communication is the name of our game and we are proud of our HIPAA Certified agents.

Our value proposition to you include:

  • Project a professional image with your own dedicated phone number.
  • Call agents and processes are HIPAA certified
  • Provide superior customer service by being available after hours with our 24x7x365 service.
  • Bilingual agents – Spanish and English
  • Scheduled phone traffic reports including all detail
  • Delivery of messages via text, email or fax
  • Quality monitoring of calls
  • And more…

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