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Idaho can be found in the north-west region of the United States. If you live in the area, you’re probably used to being called an “Idahoan”.

The state seems to be much loved by its residents and has been given the nickname of “Gem State” as almost every precious gemstone imaginable has been found in the Idaho area. An interesting fact is that other than in India, the Star Garnet is only found in Idaho. Another nickname for the state is “Potato State” and as you may already know, this is because of the state’s abundance of potato crops. In fact, Idaho produces one third of the USA’s potato crops. It’s easy to realize that Idaho owes its economic wealth to the agricultural industry. Another interesting fact is that the world’s largest cheese processing factory is also found in Idaho! Are you running a business in this state? If you would like to take advantage of the marketplace, ensuring that your small business or start-up business has telephone answering services in place can make all the difference.

How can telephone answering services make a difference to your business? Small businesses and start-up business can be challenging at first. At the first sign of growth, you are going to feel the stress of increased orders, more incoming calls, and more administration work. It’s important to keep on top of everything but that can be hard without a team of dedicated staff members which can often be too expensive. By outsourcing your incoming calls to a professional telephone answering service, you can create a corporate image for your business and ensure that your customers are attended to promptly and efficiently.

The task of our telephone answering agents is to learn as much as they can about your business, so that when they handle incoming calls, they know precisely what they are talking about.

Services Offered by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc, in Idaho:

  • Telephone Answering Services – this service includes peak time answering, voicemail assisted answering, appointment setting, emergency dispatch and leads generation. All of this is available 24-hours a day and with the aid of bilingual agents. Our telephone answering services in Idaho will ensure that you never miss a call or a client again;
  • Virtual Telephone Receptionist – this 24-hour service is a fantastic feature for a small business or start-up, who would benefit from the professional image of a receptionist, but don’t have the finances to hire one. Look like the accomplished professional while keeping in touch with your clients with our virtual receptionist service. Never miss a call, be productive and keep your customers happy with our help;
  • Virtual Answering Services – when there aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done, a virtual answering service can help. This service ensures that even when you are too busy to answer calls and attend to clients, they are never neglected. Make a great corporate impression, eliminate the risk of employment hassles and get things done while we handle your telephone calls;
  • Outsourced Answering Services – large call volumes and insufficient staff can be a drag on your business’ success. Don’t let calls distract you from important work, simply outsource your telephone answering needs to us, and we’ll handle it. Outsourcing is convenient too: we take messages, help customers place orders and provide product information 24/7 – in both Spanish and English;
  • Small Business Phone Services – small businesses can be demanding and if you lack the resources to support their growth and active communication with customers, they can drain your bank account too. Losing potential customers because you are unable to attend to every call should not be an option! You choose the hours that we work and we will handle each incoming call. Never miss a call or a client again;
  • Bilingual Answering Services – any business in the United States should offer its clients the choice to be dealt with in their own language. We can ensure that your customers are offered communications in both English and Spanish, for their convenience. We offer this service 24/7 or part time – you inform us of the hours you want us to work. Now you can have your calls and clients handled for you while you are otherwise occupied;
  • After hours answering services – clients don’t like to wait for answers when they contact your business, even if it is after hours. Why not surprise your customers with a professional and reliable after hours answering service that’s available 24/7 – made possible by our bilingual, HIPPA certified agents?

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., in Idaho

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., we provide professional business telephone answering services to many businesses operating in a variety of industries in Idaho. We currently provide our services to various
attorneysemergency restorationfuneral serviceshome health carehospice, hospitals, property managementplumbersmedical offices, real estate and doctors.

Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. for Your Business Answering Services in Idaho

If you are wondering what the associated benefits of our telephone answering services are, here’s a few:

  • All Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.’s agents are HIPAA qualified
  • You will be provided with a business number to use
  • We can provide customer services in both English and Spanish
  • All correspondence and messages will be sent to you via email, telephone, fax or text
  • We will customize a solution to your needs and budget
  • We will provide you with monthly reports including the call detail
  • We offer a Personalized IVR voice mail service

Need more information and advice on our telephone answering services in Idaho, waste no more time. Contact us at Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. today.

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