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With Scottsdale’s downtown bars and clubs drawing in an average of 40,000 people weekly, it is no wonder that The New York Times described it as the “desert version of Miami’s South Beach”. An abundance of cowboys-and-saloons attractions has led to the city’s motto, “The west’s most Western town”. Add to that the 330 days of sunshine every year, and it becomes clear why tourism is such a big part of Scottsdale’s economy. And where there are tourists, there is a need to stay in touch – using an answering service is the most effective method of doing so.

Choose our medical answering services in Scottsdale and ensure that:

A hard-working guy, Tommy, likes to book his vacations through a travel agent who can set everything up to the finest detail.

The travel agent who helped Tommy uses an after-hours answering service to ensure they are available at the odd hours that clients, like Tommy, fly to or arrive at their destination. Using a virtual live answering service gives a professional front line without the expense involved in hiring full-time staff to man the phones during these periods.

The small apartment that Tommy is renting for his stay is owned by Sonja, a small business owner who cannot afford to spend all her time monitoring her phones, as she needs to meet and greet her tenants – such as Tommy. She uses a small business phone service to ensure all her incoming calls are handled professionally, giving her the freedom and flexibility of being anywhere at any time.

Should Tommy or any of her other tenants accidentally damage the apartment or need plumbing and air-conditioning services, Sonja likes to call on the services of Leo. As Leo wants his clients to feel less stressed in times of crisis, he uses a bilingual answering service to answer the phone and assist his customers in their native tongue, be it English or Spanish.

Our superb services include:

1. Telephone Answering Services

When it comes to the wellbeing of your patients, a recorded voice message just doesn’t cut it. Our medical call answering services ensure that your patients received customized, one-on-one attention every time they call.

2. Virtual Telephone Receptionist

In a medical practice, nursing staff often find their time taken up by administrative responsibilities such as answering the phone. A virtual telephone receptionist frees you and your staff to spend more time devoted to patients.

3. Virtual Answering Services

Whether your patients are calling to inquire about appointments, medical records, accounts or even in an emergency… our knowledgeable and friendly call center agents can filter and direct inquiries as necessary.

4. Outsourced Answering Services

When you choose medical answering services through Sunshine Communications Services, Inc. you receive your own phone line and call center agents trained specifically to handle calls to your business. You’ll ensure that your patients are well looked after, and give yourself more time to dedicate to patients.

5. Small Business Phone Services

Telephone answering services in Harrisburg, PA are the perfect solution for small practices. You’ll save on costs of hiring administrative staff while ensuring that your patients’ questions are handled promptly with discretion.

6. Bilingual Answering Services

In the medical industry, it is especially important to make sure patients feel at ease. With call center operators, available to speak in both English and Spanish, you don’t have to worry about patients feeling uncomfortable because of language barriers.

7. After hours answering services

Our tailor-made call answering solutions ensure that all inquiries and communication are directed through the right channels, and are available 24-hours a day. Urgent calls are directed as such, and we even offer an emergency dispatch service.

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. in Harrisburg, PA:

Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. for Answering Services in Scottsdale

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. was established in 1974 and is fully licensed and HIPAA compliant.

Please contact us for more information on how our professional and well-trained team can be of assistance to you and your Scottsdale business.

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