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Texas is rightfully called “The Friendly State” with some of the most sincerely sociable people you will ever meet. No matter where you go, someone is bound to strike up a conversation with you – whether they know your or not. This exceptional understanding of the power of communication has carried over to business: Houston can boast being home to 23 Fortune 500 companies.

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Business communication is goal oriented involving a constant flow of information. You will know your business communication has achieved its goal if it helps in building goodwill for your organization. To maximize your chances of getting this right, it is essential that you are available to your clients and prospects when they want to communicate with you.

Should you be the owner of a small to medium sized business, you know how high the cost to the company is of employing full-time staff who need leave, health care, and bonuses. By employing a small business phone service, you save on costs without risking the chance of missing a business lead.If your business is bigger and established, your team will no doubt have its hands full with the tasks at hand. Nothing disturbs their productivity quite like the incessant ringing of an unanswered phone. Using an outsourced answering service allows your employees the chance to use their skills effectively, while your incoming calls are answered, screened, and appropriately managed.

If your business needs to be available to your customers 24/7, an after-hours answering service can take care of calls any time of the day or night. You or your workers will only be disturbed if necessary, ensuring you have as much sleep as possible to tackle the following day.

Feedback is an integral part of business communication. However, with 38.2% of Texan residents being Spanish-speaking, how accurate is that feedback? To avoid miscommunication, a bilingual answering service will ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

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Why Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.?

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., we understand that communication is more than just the transmission of a message, but the mutual exchange of understanding, originating with the receiver.

Our Value Proposition to you are:

  • 24 hours x 7 days x 52 weeks answering service
  • English and Spanish Agents
  • HIPAA certified agents
  • HIPAA compliant processes
  • Local numbers in all areas
  • Delivering of messages based on your choice – Email, Text, Fax
  • Custom Account design and quality monitoring
  • IVR Voice Mail service
  • Scheduled detailed telephone traffic and call reports

To find out how we can share our 40 years of experience to enhance your business, please contact us today.

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