Answering Services in North Carolina

North Carolina state is found in the south-eastern area of the US and is comprised of 100 counties. The state is fondly referred to as the “Tar Heel State” (there is great debate about the origin of this nickname, but most believe that it’s from the state’s history in tar and pitch production).

In the past, the state economy relied heavily on tobacco, textiles and furniture manufacturing, but in more recently times it’s obvious to see the transition to a more diverse economy with the financial, engineering, energy and biotechnology sectors taking the lead. Growth in North Carolina is still seen and many businesses are cropping up in various industries, not just the ones considered to contribute most to the economy.

Local businesses in North Carolina certainly experience growth and expansion as the population grows and the state’s economy develops and changes. With new business growth comes increased call volumes. Maintaining great customer relations and building a good reputation is an essential part of running any type of business. Professional business telephone answering services in North Carolina, provided by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. are a cost-effective solution for businesses that experience high call volumes, but don’t have the capacity to keep up with phone calls. With this type of service in place, you won’t be distracted from pressing tasks by having to take phone calls and liaise with customers.

Professional call answering

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. offers a great deal more than just an answering service. It is a cost effective business solution that provides a range of virtual answering services to all business types. With the convenience of our answering services, businesses can outsource the admin of answering the phone, dealing with different types of questions, making appointments and taking messages without the expense of having to employ staff members. Our plans can be tailor made to suit your industry and business needs. Some of our services include:

  • Virtual telephone receptionist
    Our virtual telephone receptionist services in North Carolina provide all the perks and benefits of an in-house receptionist without the associated cost. This service ensures that there’s a live agent available to help you and your customers with switchboard tasks, appointment bookings, lead generation and emergency dispatch.
  • Small business phone services
    Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.’s answering services are designed with the small growing business in mind. With this service, you can project a professional image without the expense of hiring full-time staff members. We offer flexible, customized plans to ensure that you cut back on costs and get the type of reception service that you need and can afford.
  • Bilingual answering services
    Our professional, highly trained call center consultants are available to provide virtual receptionist services in English and Spanish. This is a great way to make your customers in North Carolina feel valued and appreciated.

  • After hours answering services
    If you find that you have customers that would prefer to reach you, place orders and get more information after business hours, our 24/7 after hours answering services are the ideal solution. With this service in place, you can ensure that you’re always able to assist your customers, which goes a long way toward proving your dedication to customer service excellence.

Answering services customized for your industry

We believe that it is only through ongoing training that our call center agents can offer the type of excellent industry-specific services that they do. Each of our agents is HIPAA certified and also takes the time to familiarize themselves with the industries that they are providing answering services in. Some of the industries that we provide specific services to in North Carolina include attorneys, heating and ventilation , plumbers, medical offices, doctors, hospitals, real estate, emergency restoration and funeral homes.

Great customer service comes from superb answering services

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. we provide a 24-hour bilingual service customized to your specific needs.

Our value proposition to you includes the following:

  • 24 hours a day / 7days a week / 365 days a year service
  • English and Spanish speaking agents
  • HIPAA Certified agents and compliant processes
  • 800# and local numbers in all areas
  • Free email, text and fax message delivery
  • Personalized design of your account based on your needs and budget
  • Quality control monitoring
  • Personalized IVR voice mail service
  • Monthly Reports including all call deta

There’s no better way to ensure that your customers are looked after while you’re busy with other business matters!

For more information on answering services in North Carolina, contact Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. today.

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