Streamline Your Onondaga County Practice’s Administrative Tasks with Medical Answering Services

Onondaga County can be found nestled in the center of New York State. The county was named after the Native American tribe living in the area when it was discovered by Europeans. With a rich cultural history, no wonder that Onondaga County is such an interesting place to foreign visitors and locals alike. Just like most of the other counties in New York, medical services and health care facilities are in abundance. If you operate within the medical field, you will know just how competitive the market is in this area.

As a medical practitioner or health care facility owner you will undoubtedly want to cut back on general running expenses, while still providing your patients with the best quality healthcare that guarantees them coming back. Hiring full time employees is not the only available option when trying to boost customer services without incurring major expenses – Medical answering services in Onondaga County should also be considered. In fact, it might be just the solution for you and your practice.At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., we provide medical answering services to doctor’s offices, hospitals, hospice, medical offices and home health care service providers in the Onondaga County area. Below is a breakdown of our services:

1. Telephone Answering Services

It goes without saying that a patient is going to feel insecure if they cannot contact their medical service provider, hospital, hospice or doctor in times of emergency. In fact, an unanswered phone or reaching a voice-mail can be very distressing! Being personally available is impossible, regardless of how thin you spread yourself. It’s therefore important to make alternative arrangements to ensure that the quality of customer service is not compromised. By utilizing our telephone answering services, you can be available to your clients 24/7. Our trained, bilingual agents (who speak English and Spanish) will ensure that your patients are professionally assisted with bookings, enquiries such as account information and answers to all general questions they may have, using the appropriate medical terms. Of course, you’re going to want to know what’s happening in your practice – you will be kept up to date on all communications via email, telephone, SMS or fax. It’s that simple.

2. Virtual Medical Telephone Receptionist

Patients are inclined to experience a sense of panic and abandonment when they need medical advice – especially in times of emergency – and their medical service provider is unavailable. If you want to ensure that your patients always have access to the answers and reassurance they need, our virtual medical telephone receptionists are the ideal solution. With our English and Spanish agents tending to incoming phone calls, you can focus on caring for your patients to the best of your ability.

3. Virtual Answering Services in Onondaga County

Having to deal with inquiries and incoming calls daily can distract you from your core function: caring for patients. It’s an age-old plight of the medical professional…the paperwork and administration can take up so much time that you spend far too few hours treating the sick and ailing. If you want to ensure that you have as much free time as possible to consult with patients and take care of pressing medical practice issues, hiring our virtual answering services in Onondaga County is the answer. Missing calls or not having enough time to properly tend to incoming calls can result in not only a loss in income, but also create a poor reputation for your business. With our virtual answering service, you can decide whether your business is available during office hours or 24/7. The choice is yours. Our bilingual agents will ensure that they know everything from answering general questions, to co-ordinating your appointments, schedule, and providing patients with general practice information.

4. Outsourced Answering Services in Onondaga County

Outsourced medical answering services have become a popular option for many doctor’s offices, medical practices, and hospitals in New York’s Onondaga County. This service reduces the need for in-house, full-time employees and ensures that your practice is always open. The sheer convenience will earn the respect and loyalty of your patients. Our bilingual agents will ensure that your patients immediately receive attention and any information required. Let us take care of your incoming calls while you take care of business!

5. Small Business Phone Services

In the healthcare and medical industry, there’s no room for distractions. After all, you’re saving lives – that needs your full attention and dedication. It’s been proven that small to medium sized medical practices rely on the minimal support staff to keep running costs down and treatment costs affordable. Unfortunately, this often results in the practice’s incoming calls and administrative tasks being neglected, especially during busy periods. By making use of our small business phone services, you can keep your medical practice running seamlessly, without having to worry about missing any calls or failing to provide patients with your undivided attention. No small practice could easily and affordably operate 24-hours a day …until now.

6. After Hours Answering Services for Onondaga County Businesses

The medical industry in Onondaga County is busy. It’s certainly a competitive market and if you want to keep your practice competitive, it’s important to spruce up your  service delivery. Ensuring convenience for your patients is vital to your reputation and bottom line. How can you do this? By providing an after-hours service – that’s how! Patients who have a point of contact with an individual will feel secure in their decision to make use of your medical or healthcare services. Our after-hours answering service is available on a 24-7 basis and we will ensure that your patients can be assisted in English and Spanish.

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. in Onondaga County

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. serves the following industries in Onondaga County:

Acquire Efficient Medical Answering Services for Your Onondaga County Medical Practice from Sunshine Communication Services, Inc

It goes without saying that there’s no medical office, doctor’s office or hospital that’s the same – a medical answering service that suits the nature of your business and budget will therefore be designed to your specific requirements. Some of the benefits of our services are:

  • You will be able to cater to all your customer’s needs by being available 24 hours a day.
  • Our processes are HIPAA compliant
  • We have HIPAA certified agents
  • We offer a bilingual service (English & Spanish).
  • Recorded messages will be delivered to you via email, text, phone or fax – just let us know what you would prefer.  
  • A monthly traffic report including all call details will be scheduled and emailed to you.

If you would like to receive further information and advice on our medical answering services in Onondaga County, contact us via email or telephone is at Sunshine Communication Services Inc. today.

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