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Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. is a live phone answering service provider. We are professional and austere in meeting this need due to years of experience in this area. Our agents are highly skilled and well trained; call screening, taking orders and providing virtual receptionist services is our forte.

Have a look at the services we offer

1. Telephone Answering Services

Sunshine Communication Systems has the expertise and tools needed to ensure all your calls are answered in a professional manner. We believe real time communication is essential for every business.

2. Call Center Solutions

You don’t need to set up a physical call center. We offer you a cost effective method of handling inbound and outbound calls in your organization.

3. Switch boarding

We offer you the service once offered by the long gone desk receptionist, but with the finesse the present market demands. As the word “switch” suggests, our agents use professionalism in switching between the needs of your secretarial needs—live call transfers, handling inbound calls among other “switches” – offering you unmatched switch board services.

4. Virtual answering service

Our agents are professionally trained and equipped to offer virtual answering services to all companies-big and small.

5. Phone Service for Small Businesses

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., we go all out to give you flexibility in your business. Our phone service will give your clients that personal touch which is much needed for the success of your business.

6. Outsourced Answering Services

When you outsource to Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., you are assured of top notch answering services. Our agents give instant solutions to meet the needs, concerns and demands of your customers through professional answering services.

7. Customer Service outsourcing

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. provide you with a crew of agents who understand the importance of a satisfied client. We interact with your customer on a professional yet friendly level.

8. Telemarketing Services

You can count on us to meet all your telemarketing needs, be they promotional or informative in nature. Our quest is to take up the role of creating and maintaining your presence in your industry.

9. Data Entry

Finally, if you need data entry services we are your go to team. Our team of data entry experts has the skills necessary to ensure your data entry work is professionally done, error-free and submitted to you in the format you need.

Why choose us for your secretarial and phone service needs? We have the best answering agents in New York and beyond. In addition, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have HIPPA certified agents and have won the ATSI Award of Excellence.

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