Telephone Answering Service in Portsmouth

Besides being a historic seaport and popular summer tourist spot, Portsmouth is also an eco-municipality concentrating on community involvement as part of a holistic systems approach to sustainability. It is the only city in the Rockingham County of New Hampshire.

About Answering Services

In the marketplace, today, it is a sin to lose out on a business break because you could not answer the telephone. It is also unacceptable to sound frazzled or distracted when you do answer a call. First impressions are lasting. All interactions from the moment a potential customer phones your company must be polite and practiced. A telephone answering service provider will be there for your clients when you cannot be.

After Hours Answering Service

Many companies only need to be available during set times. Other industries – such as doctors, attorneys, plumbers, Heating and Cooling professionals  and property management companies – need call support for emergencies out of normal business hours.  We provide the service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Virtual Answering Service

When your callers feel valued with the personalized attention they receive, you earn a reputation as a worthy business. Our well-trained agents are ready to answer your incoming calls in a welcoming manner to provide a seamless customer experience. Having answered a call, the details are passed on to you via text, email or fax so that you can remain in charge instead of on the phone! An additional benefit is that you also have a digital recording of all calls for future reference.

Bilingual Answering Service

Customer care is everything to your clients. To improve customer relations, communicate more effectively, and reduce misunderstandings which may cut into your bottom line, we offer all the above services in both English and Spanish.

Virtual Telephone Receptionist

Doctors’ offices are busy places, and often nursing staff must handle the overflow of phone calls. However, with our virtual receptionist services, your practice benefits from a dedicated phone line, with all receptionist tasks such as switchboard, appointment making, calendars and general inquiries handled by one of our knowledgeable call center agents.

Industries That Use Answering Services

While we answer your calls and take messages, we are also able to schedule appointments and make reminder calls.

  • Home health care institutions find the scheduling and follow up call particularly useful.
  • Emergency restoration companies rely on telephone answering services to allow them to get the manual job completed.
  • Real estate agents can always be contactable and manage their viewing calendars with us.
  • Hospices can guarantee the respectful silence needed in their field without missing any important calls.
  • Funeral Home directors – rely on us to meet the sensitive needs of their profession
  • Medical Offices – we book appointments for doctors, dentist and veterinary offices during and after hours

Why Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.?

Since 1974, Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., has been delivering services tailored to meet the needs of your industry and your company. We regard your Portsmouth business as our own.

Our value proposition to you include:

  • After hours service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year
  • Bilingual call agents – English and Spanish
  • HIPAA Certified processes and agents
  • Local number dedicated to your business
  • Free delivery of messages via  email, text or fax
  • Personalized designed based on your business needs and budget
  • Quality control monitoring on calls
  • Personalized IVR Voice mail service
  • Reporting of the telephone traffic including all the call details
  • and more….

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