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The capital city of Massachusetts, the largest city in New England and one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula in 1630. Today, thanks to land reclamation, the city has extended beyond the boundaries of the original peninsula to cover an area of 48 square miles. With a rich history, including key events from the American Revolution such as the Boston Tea Party, Boston today is a sprawling hub of commerce, culture, and learning.

The healthcare industry in Boston is especially prominent, fueled by the high number of well-known universities, medical schools (such as Harvard Medical School, Tufts University School of Medicine and the Boston University School of Medicine) and teaching hospitals. If you are a healthcare provider in this thriving metropolis, you’ll know that maintaining excellent communication with your patients is essential. Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. provides expert medical answering services in Boston to cater to a wide variety of healthcare businesses – from large institutions to small private practices.

Our superb services include:

1. Telephone Answering Services

You’ll never miss another call again with medical answering services available 24/7. We train our call center operators thoroughly to ensure that they have in-depth knowledge of your business, and can confidently handle your patients’ questions in a professional yet helpful manner.

2. Virtual Telephone Receptionist

The healthcare industry is known for its fast pace, especially when emergencies are involved. Our expert telephone answering services free your time, giving you all the benefits of an in-house receptionist without the added costs.

3. Virtual Answering Services

Nobody likes to be met with a recorded message, especially when enquiring about health concerns. When you’re too busy to answer the phone, your patients will enjoy a dedicated, personalized service speaking with our operators, allowing you to focus on providing excellent healthcare.

4. Outsourced Answering Services

It’s difficult to balance customer service and day to day responsibilities when the phone is ringing off the hook. Hiring extra staff to handle phone calls is often not feasible and costly, however, by outsourcing your medical call answering you free up time, increase staff productivity and potentially lower your operating costs.

5. Small Business Phone Services

Small practices, where nursing staff often take on admin and reception duties, need to be especially cost conscious. Because of reduced staff, small practices carry the most load when it comes to calling volumes. Our small business phone services are the perfect solution that helps you manage your incoming calls without high overheads.

6. Bilingual Answering Services

Making customers feel important is vital in the healthcare industry. Our bilingual services ensure that your patients can communicate in their choice of English or Spanish, letting them know that you care and ensuring that there are no language barriers or misunderstandings.

7. After hours answering services

Ensure that your patients in Boston are taken care of, even after hours. Our call center services are available 24/7 and 365 days a year – ensuring that you are available to your patients in the event of any emergency.

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. in Boston:

Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. for Your Medical Answering Services in Boston

From hospitals to private practice, medical answering services in Boston can be provided for by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. We hire the best staff, provide them with HIPAA certified training as well as in-depth knowledge of your services and industry, offer dedicated phone lines, and are 100% confidential and discreet. Our telephone answering services are rated top in the country – ensuring that you can manage your patient communication with expert assistance, present a professional image and save on your operating costs with cost-effective, flexible solutions.

If you want to find out more about medical answering services in Boston, Contact us at Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. today.

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