Professional Business Telephone Answering Services in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to Boston, an area that is highly influential in terms of the nation’s history, academia, and industry:

Before the industrial revolution (prior to the 20th century), Massachusetts depended solely on agriculture to boost its economy. After the revolution, a great change was seen: the economy depended on manufacturing which later shifted to a service industry based economy in recent times. Massachusetts is one of the 4 states in the US that was granted commonwealth status. The state also plays host to Harvard University. This contributes to the thriving community. Because of Massachusetts’ rich history, the population is quite diverse and this can be seen in terms of culture, traditions, the various languages spoken, and similar.

It’s interesting to see that in Massachusetts 78.93% of the population speaks English while 7.5% of the population speaks Spanish. Other languages spoken include Portuguese (2.97%), Chinese (1.59%) and French (1.11%). The remaining 7.9% of the population speak French Creole, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Wampanoag.

When you take the various languages into account, it’s obvious that service related businesses in the state have their work cut out for them as they will need to ensure that they cater to at least, most the population. This means providing services in more than one language. At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. we provide bilingual business telephone answering services to ensure that you can cater to the majority of the Maryland consumer market. Our bilingual agents speak both English and Spanish and ensure that all inquiries, orders, bookings, and provision of information is always available in these two languages.

How can our telephone answering services help your business thrive in Massachusetts?

While our bilingual telephone answering services can help you to communicate and keep in touch with all your customers, there are several other benefits that you will enjoy too. Look at our main service offerings:

  • Have your calls answered 24 hours a day – if you’ve ever missed an important telephone call and lost out on a lucrative deal, you will know the risk of not having someone available to manage your business calls. Our telephone answering service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and includes answering incoming calls, recording messages, providing voice-mail assisted answering, schedule and calendar management, emergency dispatch, and generating sales leads.
  • Treat your customers to the efficiency and helpfulness of a virtual telephone receptionist – customers love being assisted promptly and efficiently. It’s never nice to reach a voicemail and wait for assistance. Having a dedicated virtual receptionist available to answer questions and provide further information to your customers while you are busy, is far more beneficial to your business than a voice recording or voicemail. Our telephone receptionists are available at the times that you need.
  • Enjoy the perks of a full-time employee without the associated cost and hassles – our virtual answering services make it easy for you to have your calls answered and telephonic administrative tasks handled without having to hire an employee. Salaries can become expensive and employment contracts can get tricky. With our virtual answering service, your calls can be answered remotely by our team. And we’ll keep you informed of any orders and messages that come in.
  • Outsourced Answering Services – if you don’t want to hire an in-house employee, but still want to enjoy the same services and assistance, our outsourced answering services are the answer. Outsourcing your calls to us means that you can continue with business as usual while we handle all your incoming calls. By familiarizing ourselves with your company information, we will provide your customers with assistance in placing orders, learning more about products, finding out more about the business, and even making appointments to see you.
  • Be a small business with a big customer service capacity – small businesses tend to fail in terms of customer service. Most small business owners need to spread themselves thin to get things done. Chances are you have your hands full and you can truly benefit from a little bit of assistance. Our small business phone services are aimed at freeing your time so that you can focus on all the things you need to get done, instead of getting stuck on the phone with questions Our small business phone services are available in English and Spanish, 24/7.
  • Speak your customer’s language – being able to communicate clearly with your customers can make a world of difference to your sales and bottom line. All our telephone answering services are available in English and Spanish. We offer highly skilled and trained bilingual telephone answering agents for your convenience.
  • Choose your own business hours with our after-hours answering services – providing your customers with a few extra hours to reach you, place orders and ask questions is a great way to earn their loyalty. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s just more convenient to get in touch after-hours. With our after-hours service, you can tell us what you want your operating hours to be. We will make ourselves available all day and night to man your incoming calls. Whether clients want to book appointments, learn more about your products and services or simply leave a message, we will have it covered.

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. in Massachusetts

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., we provide professional business telephone answering services to many businesses including the following:

Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. for Your Business Answering Services in Massachusetts

When choosing to partner with Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., in Massachusetts, you are choosing to improve your customer services with a solution personalized to your requirements and budget. We will ensure that you are kept in the loop by forwarding all messages, bookings, and orders to you via email, telephone, text or fax. We will also ensure that you are provided with your own convenient telephone number to use so that all your customers’ calls are directed to us. All telephone answering services are available 24/7/365 and are provided by our HIPAA certified bilingual agents.

For more information and advice, contact us at Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. today.

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