Business Telephone Answering Services in Kentucky

Many people aren’t aware that Kentucky is officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

This US state is in the eastern part of the south-central area and is only one of the 4 states of the US that are granted commonwealth status. An interesting fact about Kentucky is that its soil is extremely fertile. This results in a blue hue seen in the fields and has earned the state the nickname of “the Blue Grass State”. Everything seems to be in abundance in Kentucky. In fact, some of the interesting features of the state have made it quite popular on people’s must-see list. These include the longest navigable waterways and streams in the US, two of the world’s largest man-made lakes and the longest cave system in the world.  Historic sites, horse racing, and bourbon distilleries seem to be the pulse of Kentucky along with the origin of the ever, world-popular Kentucky Fried Chicken.

With Kentucky being so fertile, it’s well known for its agricultural industry. It was also the site of the first US winery and produces fine wines. It is also known for its horse breeding programs. If you’re living and working in Kentucky, you probably have an interest in the farm lifestyle. That being said, Kentucky residents are respectable, farm and community oriented people. It’s the reason so many of the businesses that cater to the industries operating in Kentucky thrive. In fact, the state is well known for creating new jobs and contributing substantially to the US economic stability. Of course job creation cannot be offered by every new business in the area, not until they are established at least. And that can take time, effort and of course proper planning. Small to medium size businesses and start-up businesses often opt for professional telephone answering services, to eliminate the premature stress of employing staff and to give the business time to become productive enough to grow, boost profits and then be in a position to contribute to employment in the state.

Being able to communicate with your customers clearly and promptly is quite simply the Kentucky way. And we can help you to do just that, professionally and in either English or Spanish.

Telephone answering services

Our 24-hour  telephone answering services will allow you to keep your lines of communication open with your clients, even at the times when you aren’t personally available. With the peace of mind that your customers are being managed effectively, you can spend more time on making new sales, honoring orders, ensuring that your stock levels are kept healthy and so much more.

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. provides reliable answering services for many kinds of businesses, ensuring that you keep the lines of communication with your customers open even when you are too busy to answer the phone.

Virtual telephone receptionist

If your Kentucky business isn’t yet able to hire permanent staff members to handle incoming calls and admin tasks, our 24-hour virtual telephone receptionist service is just what you need. With virtual answering services you are able to have the best of both worlds – never missing a call, without the expense of extra staff. Now you can truly make sales while you sleep!

Small business phone services

Our small business answering services is designed to help businesses with high call volumes and limited resources to manage calls effectively and boost their bottom line. The small business phone service will enable you to choose the hours you need a virtual receptionist and just what sort of service they should provide. This can include answering calls, taking messages, providing company details, informing clients of products, and assisting with placing orders.

After hours answering services

There will always be customers who find it easier to try to contact you after business hours. Small businesses often struggle to stay open late to cater to the needs of those customers and in most instances, that results in a lost sale. With our 24/7 telephone answering service, your customers can access all the information and assistance they need from our professional, qualified, and bilingual consultants. Simply let us know what hours you would like your business to be available, and we will do the rest. This is a 24-hour service.

Reliable call answering services for industries operating in Kentucky

Regardless of the nature of your business, Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. has a telephone answering solution to meet your needs. Our call answering services can be custom designed to meet the requirements of a number of industries and professionals, including :

Why choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. offers USA based call centers and bilingual answering services (English and Spanish) that are so professional that your customers won’t even know that they haven’t reached your dedicated offices. We are confident that our agents are top-notch and that with their training and experience, they can take your business communications and customer service ratings to the next level. Our 24 / 7 / 365 service allows your customers the opportunity to phone you whenever it is convenient to them and not only during office hours.

When hiring us, we will :

  • ensure that you are kept informed of messages and orders by the communication channel of your choice. You can choose between telephone, email, fax, and text.
  • personalize the solution to your requirements and budget
  • provide you with 800# and local numbers
  • monthly reports including call details
  • provide you with a personalized IVR voice mail service

For more information and advice on answering services in Kentucky, contact Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. today.

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