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The state of Kansas is located in the Mid-West of USA. Kansas was originally occupied by the Kansa Native American Tribe: The history of Kansas is a violent and intriguing one. In the 1850s the war over the issue of slavery tore the state apart. In fact, during those times, Kansas was known as “bleeding Kansas” because of all of the bloodshed.

Today, Kansas is known as the most productive state and owes its economic wealth to the agricultural industry. Of course, tourism also plays a role in drawing interest to the area. There are approximately 10 national parks based within the borders of Kansas. Several large aviation and aerospace companies are based in Kansas – a great deal of business is done in the area. In fact, there are businesses pertaining to all industries found in this state. Something that Kansans suffer, though, is a competitive business market. Local businesses need to look at ways of offering best quality customer service and be consistent with the communications in order to earn the respect and loyalty of consumers. One way in which to do this is to acquire professional telephone answering services.

With professional answering services provided by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. you can rest assured that your business will maintain an excellent level of customer service and you can be available to your customers 24-hours a day. That’s the type of convenience modern consumers want in exchange for their ongoing loyalty.

Learn a bit more about our call answering services in Kansas:

  • 24-hour telephone answering services – this service is designed to ensure that your customer queries are professional and promptly handled, even when you aren’t personally available. With this service, which is bilingual too, you can focus on being productive instead of being chained to your desk answering calls.
  • Virtual answering services – a virtual answering service will be available to answer calls, manage your bookings / appointments schedule and ensure that customers have quick and easy access to product and business information. Why hire a full-time employee when we can do it all for you, at a fraction of the expected cost!
  • Virtual receptionist services – there’s nothing more frustrating than calling a business and being met with a voice recording. Virtual receptionist services are designed to ensure that your consumers always have a live agent to consult with. You will be surprised at how much difference it can make just to provide someone else on the other end of the line. Of course, our agents are so much more than just that. They will ensure that incoming messages are recorded, your bookings schedule is properly managed, and that information is sent to clients on request.
  • Small business phone answering services – this service is ideal for the start-up business or a one-man show. If the expense of hiring staff members will put a financial strain on the business, you can cut back on these costs and benefit from a full receptionist and switchboard service with our small business telephone answering service.
  • After hours answering services – we don’t only offer professional business call answering during office hours. We can answer your incoming calls 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. If you don’t need us all day and all night, you can let us know what hours you would like us to work. That’s the true convenience of our after-hours answering service.
  • Bilingual answering services – if you’ve ever had the confusion of trying to communicate in another language, you will know just how frustrating it can be. Don’t make your customers experience the same confusion. Our bilingual answering service will ensure that your calls can be answered in both English & Spanish.

Telephone answering services designed for your industry

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. in Kansas, we understand that different sectors of industry have different customer requirements and needs. Our call telephone answering agents are extremely knowledgeable about your specific industry and are experienced too. It’s not just about selecting an answering service and letting it work for you. We will actually tailor-make an answering service that best suited to your specific needs and requirements.

We provide answering services for the following industries:

Why Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. as Your Answering Service Provider

The type of telephone answering service offered by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. is comprehensive. This means that we won’t just take a message and answer phone calls. We will ensure that our agents take the time to learn what they can about your business and its products. We also ensure that they have received professional training – we particularly like our agents to be certified by HIPAA. This equips them perfectly to handle anything that a ‘day in the office’ throws at them.

Our virtual receptionists will be able to do the following:

  • Answer calls 24/7
  • Accurately record messages
  • Assist customers with placing orders
  • Emergency dispatch of orders
  • Providing customers with product information and business details / particulars

All of this can be done in English and Spanish and the details of each call can be sent to you via email, telephone, fax or text. Once you’ve hired us to handle your incoming calls, you will wonder how you ever managed without us.

For more information on our professional answering services in Kansas, contact Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. today.

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