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Located in the far southwest portion of Indiana, Evansville is an Ohio River port – the commercial and cultural hub of southwest Indiana and the proximate districts of Illinois and Kentucky. Downtown Evansville is modern and smart with historic spaces and a pedestrian mall near the waterfront. The cost of living and crime rates are low in Evansville; the summer heat and humidity, as well as the standard of health care, are high.

About Medical Answering Service

Human beings are impatient creatures at the best of times. So, when there is any type of medical crisis thrown into the mix, you can just imagine how easily riled callers can become. Two things that are vital to dealing with such an emotionally tense time are:

  1. Being able to speak to a “real” person.
  2. Getting attention on the phone from someone who is professional, compassionate, and composed.

Utilizing an outsourced answering service makes certain your incoming calls are answered by someone specifically trained to fulfill these criteria. An additional requirement is the need to be completely knowledgeable about how to deal with private information shared by your patients. Our HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) certified team and processes act to protect confidential patient information.

In your hectic medical practice appointments are scheduled and changed, follow up calls need to be made, appointment reminders need to be sent out, and so much more. The services of a virtual telephone receptionist allow you to enjoy a smooth-running practice. Without the additional costs of employee annual leave, sick leave, and medical care, using an answering service can be the difference between a lucrative, successful practice and a failure.

When your field of medicine demands that you are available 24/7, you know how priceless sleep becomes. The last thing you need is to be awoken by an account query or wrong number. An after-hours answering service agent will answer your phone, screen calls according to emergency or routine inquiries and redirect as appropriate or notify doctors of emergencies.

Servicing the Medical Industry

Over the years our answering services have been used by not just doctors, but also:

Why Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.?

Since 1974, Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. has been responding to telephone calls for medical professionals in Evansville, Indiana.

Our value proposition includes:

  • Project a professional image with your own unique phone number.
  • HIPAA certified agents and compliant processes.
  • Provide superior customer service by never being unavailable.
  • Organize and manage calls to your business effectively.
  • Save on the costs of hiring reception and admin staff to deal with phone calls.
  • Increase your productivity and that of your staff.
  • Scheduled phone traffic reports including all call detail
  • And more…

For more information on how we can cost-effectively make your life easier, please contact the team today.

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