Answering Services in Las Vegas

Doing business in Las Vegas can be hectic as many industries require answering calls, which can be entirely draining. However, at Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. we understand this perfectly well and we offer comprehensive office solutions including live answering services to free your staff so they can focus on the business at hand.

Here are some customized services we offer to your Las Vegas enterprise:

1. Telephone Answering Services

We understand that every call which comes your way is crucial and our specially trained agents are available 24/7 to offer answering services. We offer more than telephone answering by dispatching messages via email or fax; we also handle any type of customer enquiries.

2. Virtual Call Center

If you are worried about increasing number of calls, worry no more because we have a state-of-the-art call center in the city. Our virtual facility will handle every issue from website support, answering calls, telemarketing and everything else your office requires.

3. Virtual Telephone Receptionist

We understand you want to save on expenses and this is why our virtual receptionist makes a lot of sense. You don’t have to hire an extra hand because we offer a cost-effective alternative to handle all front-desk queries and much more.

4. Live Answering Service

In this age of globalization, you need to have a 24/7 phone service. Therefore, our live answering service is optimized to ensure every call receives the attention it deserves any time of the day or night. We use your company name and offer solutions which will improve your brand.

5. Small Business Phone Service

Whatever type of enterprise you are running in Las Vegas, we have your back when it comes to offering phone service solutions. From customized answering services, web support, email management, to customer service support we want your small business to grow with us.

6. Outsourced Contact Center

Our specialized contact center facility boasts cutting edge technology to ensure 24/7 live answering, technical support for your business, order processing, subscription management and so much more.

7. Customer Service Outsourcing

Every call by a customer can lead to sales conversion. We understand you might not be available every time and this is the reason we offer customized customer care services in Las Vegas. Your clients will always be happy knowing you are just a call away.

8. Telemarketing Services

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., we are proud to offer specialized telemarketing services to help your business reach out to the market. We market your products, carry out surveys to know what clients desire as well as promote customer outreach programs.

9. Data Entry

Whatever your business, we understand how crucial data entry is which is why we have invested in highly trained professionals to handle this for you. We work confidentially and input the data in the format that best suits your company.

Our HIPPA certified agents offer bilingual services in English and Spanish. Our wide range of services from remote receptionist, free message delivery, email, text and fax and custom account design set us apart from the competition. We are ATSI Award of Excellence winners and we aim to win even more accolades.

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