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Orlando in central Florida has much to offer: from theme parks, such as Walt Disney World to water parks, tourist attractions, Universal Studios and more, it’s believed that Orlando is one of the USA’s most exciting cities. Of course, the economy in Orlando is flourishing and businesses based in the area benefit from the buzzing atmosphere. Running a small business or starting a new business in Orlando is an amazing opportunity, but it’s important to realize that the market is competitive. The medical industry in Orlando flourishes just as much as the entertainment industry. With such a big population, there are many people to cater to in terms of healthcare and medical treatment. If you’re looking for ways to cut back on costs, keep your Florida medical practice profitable and ensure that your patients are well looked after, our telephone answering service can make all the difference.

Employing full-time medical support staff to man the telephones and take care of administrative tasks is not always a viable option – a medical answering service may be the solution to better assist your patients 24-hours a day. Below is a list of the services that we offer to the medical industry:

1. Telephone Answering Services

Our telephone answering services in Orlando, FL are available in English & Spanish. It is designed to help keep your practice in touch with its patients –  24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our telephone answering service includes peak time answering, voice-mail assisted answering, appointment setting, emergency dispatch and lead generation too. Messages and correspondence recorded will be delivered to you via phone, email, text or fax. We will also provide you with a unique business telephone number to use.

2. Virtual Telephone Receptionist

Get all the perks of a full-time receptionist without being responsible for the expense by utilizing our virtual telephone receptionist service in Orlando, FL. This service is ideal for start-up practices and small medical facilities that don’t want to employ full-time staff. It’s also great when looking for back-up or assistance during times when staff members take vacation, sick- or maternity leave. Our virtual telephone receptionist service makes a receptionist available for answering your business calls, day or night, in accordance with your instructions. With this in place, you will never miss a call again and improve your professional image. It will ensure happy and satisfied patients, a cut back on operating costs, optimizing potential business and increasing productivity while improving on your bottom line.

3. Virtual Answering Services

Customer service levels can suffer when demands on your time and resources are greater than what you have available. If maintaining an exceptional level of service is important to you, incorporating our virtual answering services in Orlando, FL can help you do just that. At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc., we offer you bilingual agents, rendering professional medical answering services on a 24 hour, 365-day-per-year basis.

4. Outsourced Answering Services

Telephone calls can distract you from the core functions of your practice. You can’t attend to your patients properly if you are spending most of your day on the telephone – that’s a fact. In many instances, it may not be viable to lay out valuable capital on employing full-time personnel. Our outsourced medical answering services enables you, the medical practitioner, to tell us how you would like your calls to be handled. Our English and Spanish agents are available to answer all your incoming calls 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. We will provide you with a dedicated telephone number to use and with our help, your medical practice or healthcare facility can always be open and ready for business.

5. Small Business Phone Services

If you don’t have the time to treat patients and handle incoming calls, bookings and enquiries, chances are that your medical practice is going to suffer. If you choose to abandon your reception desk and focus on treating patients, you could lose out on new business. Unfortunately, you cannot be available 24/7 to answer every call that comes in, but our professional Spanish and English telephone answering agents can. Our small business phone services in Orlando, FL are designed to enable you to take care of business while your calls are handled by a professional consultant. With our answering services in place, your practice will enjoy a professional image, provide your patients with prompt assistance and have a record of all incoming calls.

6. After Hours Answering Services

Do you want to ensure that your calls are answered each time, even after hours? Your availability will put your patient’s minds at ease – especially if a medical emergency comes up. Our after-hours answering services in Orlando, FL are designed to have your practice available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Spanish and English agents can answer incoming calls, take messages and provide patients with answers to any questions they may have.

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc

At Sunshine Communication Inc., we provide answering services to the following healthcare businesses in Orlando, FL:

Why Sunshine Communication Services, Inc is the Number 1 Choice for Medical Answering Services in Orlando FL

The benefits of making use of our answering service  in Orlando, FL are hard to overlook. First and foremost, you will be able to cater to all your patient’s needs by being available to them 24-hours a day. That’s certainly something of value in the medical industry. Our agents are HIPAA certified and offer a bilingual service (English & Spanish). Recorded messages will be delivered to you via email, text, phone or fax – just let us know what you would prefer. Another great perk is that we will personally design your answering service for you based on the nature and needs of your practice.

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