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About Medical Answering Services

As a health care provider, you become all things to all people – friend, minister, counselor, parent. Answering a ceaseless stream of incoming telephone calls is the last item that you need to add to your list of duties. The cost of hiring full-time employees rapidly adds up – especially when you take into account that you need to pay for leave, medical care, and additional consumables. Mercifully, answering services for doctors and home health care practitioners were developed for just that reason.

Doctors and other medical professionals trust virtual answering services to make sure that their practices operate efficiently. Phone calls need to be answered in a professional, yet agreeable manner; and appropriately screened. When patients share confidential information, it is protected by our HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) certified team and processes.

For a more effective way to communicate with your Spanish patients, you may want to consider using a bilingual answering service. It increases the compassionate experience for your patients to be able to explain their ailments in their home tongue.

If you are a health care provider who needs to be available 24/7, signing up for an after-hours answering service will make certain that you can get as much rest as possible while a dedicated call agent answers after hour incoming calls, screens and redirects or notifies you of genuine emergencies.

Responding to incoming phone calls is one thing. But if you also need assistance managing of your calendar, scheduling and confirming appointments, follow up calls and so on, then a virtual telephone receptionist is the perfect solution for you.

Servicing the Medical Industry

As well as servicing doctors and home health care practitioners, we have also assisted:

Medical offices

Why Choose Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.?

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. has been answering telephone calls for the doctors of San Francisco since 1974.

Our value proposition includes:

  • Project a professional image with your own unique phone number.
  • HIPAA certified call operators and processes.
  • Provide superior customer service by never being unavailable.
  • Organize and manage calls to your business effectively.
  • Save on the costs of hiring reception and admin staff to deal with phone calls.
  • Increase your productivity and that of your staff.
  • Scheduled traffic reports including details of all calls
  • Industry related training specifically based on your business needs.
  • Quality control monitoring of calls
  • And more…

For more information on how your practice can benefit from our 40 plus years of experience in Medical Answering Services San Francisco, please contact the team today.

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